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Labour Research Department

All sorts of useful stuff for stewards, safety reps and learning reps

Hazards Magazine

The award winning Health and Safety magazine

"A safety minister who is determined to see the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) axed. A government that lops “at least” 35 per cent off HSE’s funding. We are living and working in dangerous times. Hazards warns that if unions, sick and injured workers and bereaved relatives don’t stand up for safety, no-one else will."


The Health and Safety newsletter of the TUC.

Power in a Union

Union news and views. Linked to Unite, but also international, political and social topics

Civil Aviation Authority

The main body that controls and monitors standards in civil aviation in the UK.

Department for Transport

The government department responsible for all tansport matters in the UK.

Department for Work and Pensions

A site that is useful for all matters relating to pensions, benefits and welfare at work

Unite London & Eastern Activists

A new Unite website for activists in the London and Eastern region with a strong equalities section and very opposed to the NHS sell off

Employment Tribunals Service

If all the internal procedures have failed, then this is where you need to go. Be aware that most applications to an Employment Tribunal need to be received within 3 months minus one day of the action that you are complaining about. You should also be aware that ET claims can result in a cost order being made against the applicant if the tribunal decides that the claim was malicious, frivolous or made without a reasonable prospect of success based on the law. The cost of bringing a claim before a tribunal may well increase if the government bows to a lobby from the business community. We strongly advise that you seek legal advice before making a claim

Health and Safety Executive

Not the most powerful government department and woefully underfunded - but excellent for finding out H&S information

Equality and Human Rights Commission

The official government website of the body that deals with discrimination and human rights. This department replaces the previous bodies such as the Disability Rights Commissiona and the Race Relations Board. It also advises on issues that have been raised since the UK adopted (most of) the European Union's directive on human rights. Find out more at -

The official advice site of the UK Government. Your rights and who to contact

Citizens Advice Bureau

We suggest that you ask any members you are representing in dismissal cases to contact the CAB. They provide a second line of support and can advise on a range of topics such as any benefits that the member may be entitled to.

UK Parliament Home Page

Find out who your local MP is and how to contact them

For information on bills and proposed changes in specific sectors under discussion in Parliament, please click the links below


Employment and Training

Employment Rights and Equalities


Health Services


Health and Safety

Industrial Relations


Social Security and Pensions

ACAS is the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service. Apart from its role in mediating in disputes, it advises on employment issues and encourages employers and employees to find common groung to reach out of court settlements in tribunal claims

The Information Commissioner's Office

The government department that oversees the Data Protection Act and Freedom of Information Act. Find out your rights about what data your employer can collect about you and whether you have a right to see that information.

Official Government Statistics

Find out the rates of inflation and what the average pay increase is for UK companies to help you bargain

TUC Homepage

The site for the Trades Union Congress. Lots of news and resources for reps

ETF - The European Transport Workers' Federation

The negotiating body for the joint European trade unions in the transport sector

ITF - The Internation Transport Workers' Federation

The negotiating body of the joint internation trade unions in the transport sector

News and views from ITF trade unionists from around the world

O. H. Parsons Solicitors - Airport Legal Brief

A magazine that advises on recent and future changes to the law with a focus on workers at Heathrow.


Heathrow's local newspaper. Now online after 34 years

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

The CIPD are the organisation that train all your top HR people. They will visit this site regularly for advice, so this is a good one to quote when you're challenging a disciplinary ruling. If nothing else, you should find out when they're bluffing!

Personnel Today

One of the most popular magazines with people in HR. Make sure you know the same things that they do.

HR Magazine

Another HR resource for news on employment law and advice that is used by personnel officers

Institute of Employment Rights

A body that lobbies on behalf of the Labour movement for better employment rights for workers. Now swimming against the tide as workers face the biggest attack on their rights in living memory - and yes, that does include the Thatcher years.

International Labour Organisation

A body dedicated to improving working conditions across the world. The UK is a signatory to many (but not all) of the ILO's resolutions on safety and other basic worker rights.

The Labour Party

The official website of the Labour Party. Not quite the champion of socialism and the workers that it once was, but still far preferable to either party in the current coalition. The popular choice for trade union members to join and vote for, but in serious need of a reminder of what the principles were that it was founded on.

Labour List

Not an official site for the Labour Party, as you might assume, but an independant group of centre-left lobbyists. Tends to side with mainstream Labour policy, but has the odd maverick throwing in the occasional interesting comment. Useful for keeping up to date on political stuff.

Labour Uncut

Another left of centre group with no official link to the Labour Party. Good news section and comments. Has a bit of an Old Labour Intellectual feel to it.

The best way to make sure that you don't have to put the member you are representing through the stress on going to an employment tribunal is if you can convince the employer that they are likely to lose in court, with all the bad publicity and legal costs that brings. This site will help you find cases that have decided key legal points.

For example - The dismissal was at a disciplinary that didn't follow procedure, but the appeal was properly carried out and decided that it would have been fair to dismiss if the original investigation and hearing had been carried out professionally. Was the dismissal unfair? (Check out "Poikey" on this site)

IATA - The International Air Transport Association

The body that lobbies and represents on behalf of companies in the civil aviation industry.

UK Airport News Info

A site dedicated to news from the UK's airports. The link is to the Heathrow section


A site that covers news stories from the aviation industry

Website of the Socialist Party

Socialist Workers Party

Good news section on a range of protests, industrial disputes and campaigns. Has a section dedicated to stories about Unite

Socialist Review

A site dedicated to all things socialist


A site based on the principles of Libertarian Communism. Promotes free speech, worker solidarity, the end of the class system and telling the story of the plight of groups who have no voice. Good news section. Forums and, blogs. Advice on organising demonstrations and direct action including for example what to do if riot police decide to baton charge your demo (not sure if it's actually good advice or not and the legal advice looks a bit dodgy, but very interesting all the same).

The Morning Star

The online version of Britain's left wing newspaper. News on union activsm, politics and human rights etc.

Left Foot Forward

A left wing blog mostly run by socialist intellectuals who look beyond the headline claims. This site provides data to challenge the coalition's claims that their cuts will target benefit scroungers and that the most vulnerable will be the main victims.

The False Economy

A site that promotes alternatives to the goverment's strategy of drastic cuts

The Tax Justice Network

The Tax Justice Network lobbies against corporations using offshore havens to avoid their tax liabilities. TJN estimates that worldwide there are $11.5 trillion in tax havens, with $250 billion in tax payments to national governments avoided annually. It is to the our country's shame that many of these havens are actually dependancies of the UK. If just a fraction of these funds could be recouped, huge inroads into national debt and world poverty could be achieved and millions of lives saved.

The Business and Human Rights Resource Centre

A site that concentrates on Human Rights in 180 countries across the world and encourages businesses to sign up to monitring that they maintain a basic standard for their employees and those affected by their business. The material is quite technical and includes some links to United Nations resources.

A banner link for other trade union sites who want to link to the HLC