November 2011 (early)

Passenger numbers at Heathrow decline after nine months of growth

GMB and UCATT join unions expected to strike on November 30th

Though the government should be under any illusion that if they ignore the message sent to them by up to 3 million public sector workers about their planned changes to pensions, there will almost certainly be other strike dates announced.

'69 nations still stockpiling' cluster munitions

A year after these weapons were covered by an international ban, cluster bombs continue to be bought and sold, with the US being the biggest opponent of an end to these weapons, despite the high number of children that have been maimed by them.

Like land mines, unexploded cluster bombs can lie in the ground for years until an unsuspecting civilian tries to pick one up or treads on one.

17th November 2011

BAA still refusing to sell homes on planned site of third runway

Sign the petition to save Ealing Hospital's services

Sign the petition to save West Middlesex Hospital's services

At least two local hospitals are under attack from the government's cuts, with mergers due to take place and Accident and Emergency departments facing closure. Even if you do not use either of these hospitals, patients may be redirected to one that you do use, leading to longer waiting lists when you require treatment.

Civil servants vote to strike over pensions

Prospect and the First Division Association (FDA), which represents senior civil servants have become the latest of eleven trade unions (so far) to vote for strike action over attacks on public sector pensions. It is expected that November 30th will be among the strike dates announced unless the government radically revises its proposals to degrade pensions.

15th November 2011

Local Labour MP Alan Keen dies after cancer battle

The HLC was extremely sad to hear of the death of local Labour MP Alan Keen after a battle with cancer. Alan and his wife Ann Keen had held adjacent constituencies in Feltham & Heston and Brentford & Isleworth until the swing to the Tories last year saw Brentford fall to the Conservatives.

Alan and Ann have supported the HLC on a number of occasions. They were among the first to support branch 1/562's request for an early day motion to preserve BAA's final salary pension scheme and fully involved in the HLC's Dot2Dot and Pack Less campaigns. They had also attended Heathrow's cargo for a Workers' Memorial Day event to mark the death of Kelly Dalgleish in the horseshoe  area.

Our condolencies go out to Ann, their family and all who knew Alan. He will be sadly missed.

Guardian - Labour MP Alan Keen dies

Heathrow mixed mode trials see campaign group membership rise

BMI has net liabilities of £362m; to make £145m loss

Police planned Fortnum arrests

Those who were in London on March 26th this year may well be curious how this case develops, as it may have significant implications for the "right to protest" of the rest of us.

BBC - Border checks were relaxed at 28 ports and airports including Heathrow

UK border checks were waived for travellers in private jets, emails reveal

One rule for the rich, another one for the poor

TUC dismisses Francis Maude's "token' strike

The TUC has rejected suggestions from Tory Paymaster General, Francis Maude that public sector workers carry out a "token" strike on November 30th, by withdrawing their labour for only 15 minutes. Maude obviously hopes to avoid the potential disruption from up to 3 million workers striking for 24 hours so that he can call it a failure and ignore demands for proper pensions.

Sorry, Mr. Maude - the public sector workers will not be fooled and they will not be fobbed off with a pension deal that costs them more, forces them to work up to an extra 8 years and leaves them worse off. This is no way to treat people who have delivered a lifetime of public service.

13th November 2011

Update - The legal challenge from unions against changing index linking from RPI to CPI

An argument that was not presented was the potential conflict of interest with the government as both lawmaker and employer of public sector workers. The HLC still feels that there is something very unsavoury about the government using its position as lawmaker to implement a rule change that directly benefits it as an employer - especially where doing so absolves it of filling its contractual obligations.

The contract of employment is a legally binding document on both parties. This contract can be changed under certain circumstances, but not normally retrospectively. This change to the rate at which pensions are adjusted for inflation applies to all benefits, including those that were accrued before the change.

We await the ruling with much interest.

13th November 2011

Heathrow still UK’s top hub airport

Heathrow is still handling a higher proportion of transfer passengers (36%) than any other UK airport. The huge number of destinations served by Heathrow delivers a wider range of transfer options that any of its competitors. This is why proposals to move some of Heathrows traffic to regional airports are flawed, even if vast amounts of money are spend on rail links. Other airports simply do not have the range of destinations or the frequency of onward departures for passengers.

13th November 2011

Leaked document reveals Tory plans to privatise entire prison service

EU Lays Out Rules For Airport Body Scanners

Border checks relaxed in second rule change

The Telegraph suggests that the recent row over relaxed checks at immigration may be part of a plan to largely replace passport checks with a profiling system that assesses risk based on predetermined criteria. This may include race, nationality and departure airport. However, this seems dangerously close to the system for stop and search used by the police, which many believe contributed to the Brixton riots.

The question has to be asked - is this change to improve security at the UK's bordrers, or just to allow it to be carried out with fewer staff and at lower cost?

13th November 2011

Mail and Telegraph race to see who can smear more disabled people

BAA passengers down 1.3% in October after 7 consecutive months of growth

BAA Demand Softens, Heathrow Traffic Falls

Scrapping the 50p tax would be both unfair and bad economics, says TUC

Don't be fooled into believing that a reduction in the top rate of tax will do much to create jobs. It will just increase the wealth inequalities that create the class divide between rich and poor.

50p tax must stay - experts

12th November 2011

Care may suffer, admits private company taking over NHS hospital

Pilots' Union Goes To Court Over Qantas Dispute

David Cameron - "I want to know how we drive the NHS to be a fantastic business“.

Er... I don't know about you, but I find this 30 second video of a Cameron speech to be very disturbing. Particularly since we found out that the first UK hospital to be completely privatised is being taken over by a company with very close links to the Tory party. Like nearly a quarter of a million pounds in donations and a Conservative MP having been employed there as an advisor.

The "S" in NHS stands for service and it was never intended to be a company or corporation. Under Company Law, any plc must put its shareholders first, not its customers. Be afraid, very afraid.

Revealed: Hinchingbrooke takeover firm's Tory links

Unite - The privatisation of the NHS takes a big step forward with Hinchingbrooke Hospital private company take-over

Market model menaces NHS

10th November 2011

EU Could Get Airline Commitments On Carbon

UK Uncut activists go on trial for Fortnum and Mason occupation

First of the Fortnum 50 cheered as trial opens

No Settlement In View In Boeing Suit Over Non-Union Labour

UK Border Agency Checks Row Puts Pressure On UK Govt.

The resignation of UKBA chief, Brodie Clark, followed by his statement that he intends to sue for constructive dismissal suggests that this scandal is unlikely to go away any time soon. With an estimated wealth of £1.6 million, it seems that Theresa May could afford to resign her cabinet post if it saves the coalition any further embarassment.

However, the real villain in this debacle must be the cuts that have been applied almost everywhere in Westminster. Efficient public services (such as immigration control) cannot work effectively without adequate funding and motivated staff. The coalition has ensured that there both are in short supply throughout the civil service and it seems almost certain that there will be more PR disasters to come.

The Independent on why Brodie Clark is likely to win his case for constructive dismissal

9th November 2011

Unite General Secretary Len McCluskey condemns police tactics at electricians protest

Chinese Carriers To Sue EU Over Carbon Law

Carriers from one of the two most polluting countries in the world are taking on the EU to avoid paying towards a "green tax" intended to cut global CO2 emissions, which are widely held to be the main cause of climate change.

9th November 2011

UK Air Traffic Control Change Offers Major Carbon Savings


Protestors from UK Uncut forced HMRC boss Dave Hartnett to end his speech as they pretended to be executives from tax dodgers Goldman Sachs and Vodafone, thanking him for letting him off paying their full taxes.

A short video clip from a mobile phone

9th November 2011

Unions Ground Air Canada's Low-Cost (and Low Wages) Carrier Plan

Ohio voters win back right to strike

This is a major victory for the trade union movement. Right wing state governors in the USA have tried to use the recession as an excuse to deny unions the right to bargain collectively on behalf of their members and attempted to deny them other basic employment rights. Yeserday saw Ohio voters overwhelmingly reject these proposals. Solidarity!

9th November 2011

Southampton city council outlines ‘privatisation’ blueprint

Unite has condemned plans by Southampton City Council to effectively outsource its entire workforce to private contractors. The Tory council seems to have little interest in its employees or those dependant on the services that they provide. The decision appears to have been made without consultation and this would appear to be in breach of employment law, based on a recent ruling.

The HLC voted in September to support the council workers in their struggle with their employers. Should this council succeed in driving down pay and conditions for its workers, other councils may well follow. Services will suffer as skilled workers are forced to abandon public careers and private companies divert money from public budgets to their shareholders.

9th November 2011

Air France-KLM Q2 Profit Drops To EUR€14 Mln and Promises Major Restructure

Head teachers vote for strike action over pensions

This is the first time in its 114 year history that the National Association of Head Teachers has voted for strike action. The government should take this ballot by a 75% majority very seriously.

9th November 2011

Up to 15,000 march in student protest over university fees

Excellent video explaining why students are protesting & why the police response is wrong

Government breaks yet another election pledge as it cuts winter fuel payments for elderly

The ConDems have decised to abolish the winter fuel "top up" for pensioners, which was introduced by Labour. Those over 80 will be hit hardest.

Kingfisher Cancels 31 Flights A Day

Kingfisher's financial problems are now affecting its ability to operate. It has been claimed that unpaid bills are impacting fuel supply and the ability to maintain the Kingfisher fleet, leading to aircraft being taken out of service.

India is seen as one of the key countries with massive potential for growth in international trade. But UK airlines are struggling to capitalise on this market because of the restricted number of slots available at London's airports.

9th November 2011

Lisbon shut down as transport workers strike against austerity

SAS Q3 Down, Uncertain To Make A Pofit For Full 2011

Business leaders fear the return of ‘Heathrow hassle’

The business sector is concerned that the backlash to revelations about less thorough border checks could see massive queues damage the UK's international trade. The are particular worries that Britain will not be able to cope with the additional number of passengers passing through its borders during the Olympics.

The HLC has been led to believe that having cut back on Border Agency staff, the coalition is intending to offer some of those UKBA employees temporary contracts over the peak travel times of the 2012 games. But there is no guarantee that this will work, as Immigration Officers who are let go may very well seek alternative employment in the meantime.

If Britain's handling of the 2012 Olympics is less than spectacular due to inadequate police, immigration, local council staff or other jobs caused by the coalition's cuts, this will be a national embarassment.

London Olympics Spark Tourism Numbers Debate

9th November 2011 

Australia Passes Landmark Carbon Price Law

Metropolitan Police to use killer baton rounds on student protesters

The Metropolitan Police - like the students who will be protesting today, are victims of this government's austerity measures. If officers overstep the mark and young people are seriously injured, this will seriously damage their credibility and public support - just when they are fighting to protect their own jobs.

Protests don't have to lead to confrontation between police and demonstrators

Boeing 787 Has Landing Gear Problem

After less than two weeks in service, the first technical problem has been reported on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Qantas: flying in the face of commonsense or a wily strategy?

Speculation that if Qantas CEO Alan Joyce does not start treating his unions' grievances seriously, that Virgin Australia could overtake his airline as the nation's number one choice.

BBC - Is the aviation boom sustainable?

Air Canada Attendants Get Deal They Rejected Imposed On Them By Arbitrator

Court denies Cathay's legal bid against union in row over holiday pay

Unite exposes Danny Alexander for misleading public opinion on public sector pensions

Unite accuses the Chief Secretary to the Treasury of manipulating data to claim the pension changes would be less damaging than they actually are.

8th November 2011

MP's committee backs HS2 high-speed rail link but uncertain whether to include Heathrow

TUC - Youth unemployment increases in 97 per cent of the UK in the last year

This shocking statistic backs up the claims of the unions that unless this government acts to create jobs, we may see a lost generation.

8th November 2011

Qantas workers may fight ruling to ban strike

Most city financiers admit that wealth inequality is wrong

CAA to scrutinise runway trials at Heathrow

Israel Strike Hits Airports But Action Limited

It seems to becoming almost standard practice for a national government to intervene in strikes in aviation and declare tham illegal. This is unacceptable. It is the fundamental right of a worker to withdraw his or her labour. Using or abusing parliamentary power to deny this right opresses workers and unions - while confirming the widely held view that governments are effectively in the pockets of the employers.

Governments of the world, please take note - you should be listening to the 99%, not the 1%. That's what democracy is meant to be about. Putting the 1% first is called plutocracy (rule by the rich).

7th November 2011

Unite signs recognition agreement with LSG Sky Chefs – Manchester Airport

Jobless march on Downing St

75 years on, the Jarrow March has to be repeated to demand the government take action to create jobs.

Britain's youth unemployment crisis laid bare

Wandsworth Council propose new ‘Airtrack-Lite’ plan

Telegraph - "Order to relax border checks made by ministers"

Can we expect these ministers to be suspended, as happended to the chief of the UK Border Agency?

Theresa May must be extremely concerned at the moment. David Cameron has stated that he has "full confidence" in her. Unfortunately that is just what he said about Andy Coulson and Liam Fox shortly before they resigned.

7th November 2011

Ryanair sees profits increase 23%

Climate summit set for rows on flying, cash and history

The latest excuses from airlines outside of Europe for not having to pay for carbon credits to offset their emissions. It is estimated that the proposed EU carbon trading scheme will only off increase airline costs by a fraction of 1%. However, 26 countries have so far objected to any suggestion that they pay this "green tax" on flights in Europe.

Durban: A summit of small steps?

Global warming 'confirmed' by independent study

High CO2 emissions: Threat or scaremongering?

5th November 2011

Unite video - "Why fight the cuts and how to go about it?"

Home Secretary accused of making immigration chief a scapegoat over border blunders

Did Theresa May direct UK Border Agency chief, Brodie Clark to cut back on checks, or did carrying out a full set of checks become impossible after budget cuts?

Hospital services in Middlesex to be slashed in Tory budget cuts

Abandon boundary changes or face revolt, warns Iain Duncan Smith

An interesting possibility of a second major revolt against David Cameron's policies has appeared - this time against his plan to reduce the number of parliamentary constituencies from 650 to 600. Part of the reason appears to be concern among many Conservative politicians that they will lose their jobs. This rebellion, if it comes to pass, could be seen as a form of "industrial action" by MPs.

Whether Labour and LibDems would vote alongside rebel Tories is not yet known. But it has been suggested that a number of Tory MPs who lose out in the boundary changes may be given seats in the House of Lords to keep their loyalty. If this is true, then it would appear that the honours system is being used - not to reward contributions to the nation, but to "bribe" individuals to vote for certain legislation. This would certainly appear to be unethical, if not clearly illegal.

5th November 2011

Jarrow marchers reach London's Trafalgar Square

Occupy LSX march: Protesters outside Parliament Square

These two important events highlight the need for the government to create jobs and for the richest corporations, banks and individuals to contribute their fair share to the recovery from a recession for which they must bear the lion's share of the blame.

It is also vital that politicians of all parties stop giving a disproportionate amount of attention to the corporate and financial sectors. The needs of the 99% must take precedence over the wishes of the 1%. Access to cabinet ministers must not be determined by how much someone can donate to their political party.

Ed Miliband: politicians must listen to the St Paul's Cathedral protesters

5th November 2011

Lufthansa to sell BMI to British Airways owner IAG

Virgin are disputing reports that this is a done deal and the Competition Commission may yet have something to say on the matter. Details of the bid from IAG have yet to be revealed.

5th November 2011

Tory scheme to relieve business of regulation 'burden' slammed

Please note - since the government cut back on health and safety inspections, workplace deaths have increased by 17%. Regulation is not just an "unnecessary burden" - it protects workers (and customers) from unscrupulous employers. In fact, the HLC and many others believe that the main reasons for the recession and the need for a bail out of the banks was a failure to have and enforce a suitable regime of regulation.

It's safety last in Tory land

5th November 2011

Plans for ‘Boris Island’ airport revealed

As reported in Skyport, details of a proposed new airport supported by Boris Johnson in the Thames Estuary have been made public. For those on the flightpath for Heathrow, this may seem an attractive option, as it would allow 24 hour traffic without disturbing residential areas. However, a closer inspection of the details show that this is likely to be little more than a fantasy. A few flaws that the HLC has identified -

  • The original cost of the new airport was estimated at £40 billion, with a proposed capacity twice that of Heathrow. £40 billion is four times the sale price of BAA's seven airports when it was sold to Ferrovial. It is difficult to see how any investor could recover their investment - considering the rising cost of aircraft fuel and reduced profit margins in the civil aviation market.
  • The time scale of construction of this new hub would mean that tens of billions of business would be lost to the UK while construction took place. By the time construction was completed, we can assume that fossil fuels would be very much more expensive and that there would be higher reliance on biofuels, which are used in the US only with massive subsidies from the government. Unless the UK government is prepared to pursue a similar program, even air travel at a much higher cost to the passenger could not provide the returns that would justify the investment.
  • The Thames Estuary is well known for large numbers of wading and migratory birds. Any major construction project would seriously disrupt these birds from breeding and we can predict that the environmental lobby would very strenuously object to any proposed planning application. Even if we ignore the threat to the birds, we must ask if the risk to aircraft of birdstrike (birds being sucked into the engines of a plane, leading to their damage or destruction) would be too high to allow on safety grounds.
  • Then there is the matter of infrastructure. To provide an airport that has similar convenience to Heathrow, the new airport would require a high speed rail link to London, a tube line, roads (including motorways) with access to the city and the M25, a bus station with routes to other airports, the midlands, Wales and the west country. In short, many billions would need to be spent on facilities outside the airport itself.

In short, "Boris island" is something that could exist in a perfect world, but is unlikely to be built in the real one. This is just another "fantasy island" that would only be built long after the UK had lost major business opportunities to Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Dubai (among others). London cannot compete with other cities for trade with one arm tied behind its back. By all means create a new airport for the second half of the 20th century, but in the meantime we need extra capacity at Heathrow, Stansted and Gatwick - and that means additional runway capacity.

Skyport - Proposals unveiled for Thames hub airport

Kent and Essex airport plan debated by businesses

Images for boris island

5th November 2011

IAG's Profit Falls 31 Percent But Still Intends To Buy bmi

TUC launches pocket guide to organising

Petition the government to keep public sector pensions index linked at RPI

71,000 signatures so far. 29,000 more required to force a debate, Remember that British Airways pensions and others are affected by this change too.

Lufthansa and IAG sign Memorandum of Understanding over bmi

A statement regarding the sale of bmi could be released later today. At this stage it is unclear whether the arrangement will transfer the airline's business, part of the business or just the slots. But the most important question is, "What does the future holds for bmi's employees?"

GMB statement on bmi sale

4th November 2011

Qantas Says Law Changes Would Put Airline At Risk

Unison members deliver solid vote for pension strike on November 30th

Unison press statement - Members vote yes to strike

Sometimes seen as one of the less militant unions, the government must take this 78% vote from Unison for strike action very seriously.

Minister consider holding benefit rises below inflation

In keeping with this government's history of making the poorest people pay for the recession while their friends the bankers and mega-corporations that caused it get tax breaks, the ConDem's next target appears to be benefit claimants.

Contrary to what the right wing press would have you believe, the vast majority of benefit claimants are genuine. Some are severely disabled, while others are unemployed through no fault of their own. While the pay of top director rises at 49%, those already living in or near poverty will be made to cope with spiralling food and fuel prices with less money in real terms.

This corrupt and hateful coalition must be ejected NOW!

3rd November 2011

Lufthansa - IAG To Enter Exclusive bmi Talks

It is reported that Virgin is struggling to find funds to make a bid for bmi, leaving IAG likely to be the sole party in negotiations with Lufthansa. But IAG is mostly interested in the 9% of Heathrow slots held by bmi. 

This could see IAG bid just for the Heathrow slots, with some sold to Virgin to appease the Competition Commission. This would leave bmi as a loss making airline trying to find a buyer, but stripped of its most valuable assets. Assumptions that budget airlines and investor groups would be interested have yet to be proven.

There is a very real danger that breaking up the business could see the end of one of the few competitors to British Airways. This is bad news for the travelling public and could see the loss of many British jobs.

3rd November 2011

Aer Lingus Optimistic On 2011 Operating Profits

Aer Lingus predicts it will make a 40 million euro profit for the full year despite the weakened Irish economy and higher fuel costs. However, Aer Lingus still maintains that it has no obligation to make up a 400 million euro deficit in its staff pension scheme, a position that is likely to face a legal challenge.

3rd November 2011

United Nations Body ICAO Weighs In Against EU Carbon Plan For Aviation

EU Climate Chief Defends Law On Airline Pollution

Further talks to be held with Thomas Cook over nearly 500 cabin crew redundancies

Pensions: Ministers claim new offer is 'very big move'

TUC General Secretary, Brendan Barber says that these new proposals can be the starting point for discussions, but fall a long way short of what union members would find acceptable. A ballot for a strike of up to 3 million public sector workers on November 30th will continue.

Unions will not be satisfied with Treasury Minister, Danny Alexander's words that this could be a deal that is in place for 25 years, as public sector workers made very substantial concessions to their pensions under the last Labour government and the moment the ConDems took office they were demanding more.

What David Cameron said - “I can tell the House that low and middle-income earners will actually get more from their public sector pensions.”

What David Cameron actually meant - “I can tell the House that low and middle-income earners will actually get more from their public sector pensions … if they are prepared to work many years longer, pay a lot of extra money and understand that they have to work long enough to start their retirement with a much bigger pension payment to ensure that they get as least as good value of pension during retirement because of our switch to CPI indexing.”

Walkout plans stay after ministers' feeble offer

2nd November 2011

Group representing 86 airlines slams Labour for u-turn on 3rd runway at Heathrow

What are YOU doing to protect your children's future?

Economists demand Chancellor brings in plan for growth

As the UK manufacturing sector reports hitting a 28 month low, demands are increasing that the government concentrates on supporting growth. 

Kingfisher Airlines seeks help from banks as rupee falls against the dollar

Activists asked to join in support for sacked Harrow bus rep from Unite at tribunal

Unite convenor for Sovreign Buses in Harrow has been dismissed for what supporters claim was simply fighting for better wages for the staff he represents. His tribunal begins on Monday the 7th of November at Radius House, Clarendon Road, Watford. Supporters will be gathering between 9.00 and 10.00. 

Update - 9th November - Supporters gather at Abdul Omer Mohsin's employment tribunal

Regulator wants Qantas to increase compensation to passengers for grounding fleet

The decision by Qantas CEO Alan Joyce to ground his entire fleet last weekend has not gone down well with the Australian regulator. The grounding, which affected 70,000 passengers was a deliberate ploy to get the government to intervene in a dispute between Qantas and 3 of its unions.

While this stunt worked in its original aim, it seems that Mr. Joyce has yet to realise the full consequences of his actions. The regulator is holding Qantas fully responsible for the cancellations and demanding that it pay compensation for all additional expenses suffered by its passengers. A government investigation into the decision to ground the fleet, is not out of the question.

Virgin expands Australia business class service as passengers shun Qantas after recent grounding

2nd November 2011

Unite finds Peers with links to private healthcare industry voted NHS bill through Lords

Government's own Health Select Committee warns of NHS Bill dangers

TUC statement on revised pension proposals and November 30th strike

IAG Seen As Frontrunner As bmi Deal Nears

But is IAG only interested in getting its hands on bmi's slots at Heathrow? What will happen to bmi as an operational airline and competitor to IAG? And what future lies ahead for bmi's employees?

2nd November 2011

Homelessness campaigners call anti-squatting Bill 'an insult to democracy'

Ken Clarke sneaked in an amendment to his legal aid reform bill that could see squatters jailed for a year or fined £5,000. But there appears to have been no proper consultation with charities and groups that represent the homeless. Why do the Tories hate poor people so much?

Police use violent force to remove peaceful homelessness protestors from parliament square

2nd November 2011

Public sector pensions offer to unions to be 'enhanced'

With the largest strike for 80 years looming, the government has finally started to budge on its position regarding public sector pensions. However, it is unclear whether the changes that are on the table will be enough to stop the strike taking place.

It is understood that public sector employees will still have to work longer and pay higher contributions. The main change seems to be the addition of protection to lower paid workers, who will now not see their pensions reduced when they draw them. But since they will not be able to draw them until they have worked additional years, it seems that the changes will still disadvantage them substantially.

1st November 2011

New transport secretary reaffirms south east airport expansion ban

Though as new Transport Secretary, Justine Greening's constituency is on the flight path (as was her predessessor, Philip Hammond), we were not expecting a substantial change. However, the government lacks a clear strategy for civil aviation similar to that put forward by Labour in its white paper (which was scrapped when the coalition got into power). If nothing is done we can expect any growth in air travel to bypass the UK and use Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Dubai and other hubs instead.

1st November 2011

Qantas To Cut Fares To Win Back Passengers

Save The Children reveals the true extent of our shame in failing to stop global poverty

Labour suggest new HS2 route including Heathrow link

Study Shows Handheld Airport Screening Probably Safe For People With Pacemankers

But note that mp3 players and other electronic devices have been linked to problems

Debunking the myths of the anti-immigration lobby

What's the main reason that Britain's population has gone up? Immigrants from Eastern Europe? Refugees from Africa? Large families in the immigrant population? Er... no. The main reason is that people are living longer (though the Tory's sell off of the NHS may reverse this trend).

Don't fall into the trap set by the racists and jump on the anti-immigration bandwagon. Find out the facts first.

David Blunkett - This fear of 'foreigners' is behind modern-day slavery

1st November 2011

Joint Unite and GMB London rally on public services pensions tomorrow (Wed) in Euston

Passenger traffic up, but cargo down in latest IATA figures

Cargo Slump Threatens More Pain For 747-8

International Labour Organisation: World economy on verge of new jobs recession

A warning about austerity without job creation