November 2011 (late)

The march through London on November 30th to fight to protect public sector pensions from a savage attacknite and the HLC were out on the picket lines today in support of public sector workers fighting to protect their pensions against a savage attack by the coalition government. In addition to local events in Hillindon, Ealing and Hounslow, there was a mass rally in London that included among its speakers Ken Livingstone, Len McClusky and Mark Serwotka.en McClusky announced that the official attendence figure for the London event was 50,000 - which rebutted claims by David Cameron that the strike had little support and was "a damp squib". 0th November 2011

PM taken to task over union rep pay

Office for Budget Responsibility warns gap between CPI and RPI will rise to 1.4%

All workers, whether in the public or private sector, should be concerned by this news, as it will erode the value of pensions in one way or another at a much faster rate. Public sector pensions would devalue (after retirement) at 14% for every ten years more than they would have under the old RPI calculation. Many private sector pensions are trying to follow suit.

But even if neither of these applies to you, your pension will still be exposed to devaluation if you change jobs or are outsourced. Deferred pensions (also known as "frozen" pensions) mean that the pension in your old job will only go up at the CPI rate. So by the time you actually retire, it may have lost a significant part of its value.

All the more reason to think that the fight with the government over pensions is everyone's battle.

1st December 2011

Pilot Protest Grounds Czech Airlines Flights

ICAO Seeks Emissions Deal By End 2012

Immigration union claims security lapse during strike

Reading this report together with the one below, it is difficult not to question whether the UK did actually manage to maintain standards of control at its borders on the day of the public sector strike.

Heathrow queues shorter on strike day

1st December 2011

Unite seeks to end compensation uncertainty for asbestos victims at supreme court

Mumbai Airport To Put Kingfisher On Cash & Carry

India's financially troubled airlines continue to make the news, despite the country being considered one of the best prospects for economic growth. Jet is similarly struggling. Air India being the national airline has some hope that it will be bailed out if its debts become too high, but it seems likely that the rest might be allowed to fail if they do not sort out their finances themselves.

Jet Airways Plans Sale and Lease Back

1st December 2011

How the public sector strikes were viewed in the USA

‘Health and safety’ in the workplace set to be eroded warns Unite

Unite warns that if government plans to weaken health and safety law are allowed, the 171 fatal accidents, 20,000 deaths from industrial disease and 115,000 reportable accidents that happened last year will almost certainly rise.

1st December 2011

Jeremy Clarkson apologises over strike comments

Hillingdon hit by mass strike action

The Uxbridge Gazette's report on today's events in the borough, including a demonstration outside the town hall of nearly 200 protestors.

Video from the Uxbridge N30 demo

30th November 2011

Cuts 'hit women hardest' - Labour

Willie Walsh attacks David Cameron over lack of aviation policy

Len McCluskey's message on the day of the public sector general strike

Unite's General Secretary slams the hypocrisy of government ministers who will get a pension ten times that of public sector workers - even if they only hold office for 20 years, but who are condemning today's strike.

TUC - Govt has scrapped bankers' bonus tax and introduced a tax on nurses and teachers

IAG Confident On AA Joint Venture Despite Application For Bankruptcy Protection

Many thousands at strike rallies

Today Unite and HLC members toured picket lines at Heathrow, Ealing, Hillingdon and Hounslow before going on to join the march in London and listen to speakers on the Victoria Embankment.

Far from being the "damp squib" that David Cameron claims, today's action was the biggest in 30 years. Unite General Secretary, Len McCluskey announced that the number of marchers in London alone totalled 50,000. Other speakers included Ken Livingstone and PCS General Secretary, Mark Serwotka. 29 unions were involved in today's action across the UK.

Over three quarters of England's schools were closed or partially closed today. But before the unions are condemned for this, the HLC must quote Mark Thomas, who said, "If it wasn't for the trade unions, your children wouldn't be in school today, they would be at work". We must not forget the part that trade unions have played in bringing an end to child labour in this country and demanding a free education system for all.

Nor should we forget that the Tories opposed the creation of a national health service 60 years ago. It was only the existence of a Labour Party formed by the trade unions that made most of the public services we have today a reality.

Click here for a few photos from today's events.

30th November 2011 

Morning Star - 2 Million Out To Save Their Pensions

Coalition strategy is to make the public think strikers are monsters

Sorry, Cameron, Osbourne, Gove, Maude et al - 61% of the public believe that striking was the right choice for the public sector workers. And the Tories have just dropped in the opinion polls.

Your strategy isn't working - just like your "plan" for growth.

30th November 2011

Thousands of passengers change flights ahead of strike

Strike: BBC poll suggests strong support for biggest strike in a generation

A BBC poll suggests that 61% of the public support public sector workers in their dispute with the government over changes to their pension schemes that will see them pay more, work longer and receive less. Meanwhile, changes to the state pension are being brought in earlier than planned, which will mean that 8 million people - those aged under 52 - will have to wait until they are 67 before they can claim their state pension.

Autumn Statement: 'Longer wait' for state pension

The dispute between public sector workers and the government will also have been inflamed by a two year cap on their pay at 1% - which will of course reduce the final salaries on which pensions are calculated. So their pensions will take a hit in several different ways.

Unions call 1% public sector pay cap an 'insult'

The facts are that the government has lied to those who are affected by the changes and it has lied to the public. In particular, it has lied about those on lower wages being protected so that they are "better off" than before the government moved the goalposts. For example, a nurse might only be better off if they worked an extra 8 years and paid an extra £1,000 a year - and so received their pension for 8 years less.

If you listen to the pension facts, you’ll back the strikers

The HLC calls on all local Unite activists to join us at our office on the Bath Road (next to the Marriott Hotel) at 10.00 tomorrow to tour picket lines in support of the public sector workers who are facing an assault from this heartless, incompetent and quite frankly corrupt government.

29th November 2011

Unite video - The truth about those "gold plated" public sector pensions

American Airlines files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection - Shares drop 81%

November 30th walkout to be 'biggest since 1926'

Tomorrow is predicted to be the most massive trade union event for 85 years. Make sure that you are part of it. When your children and grandchildren ask what you did when the government tried to sell off the NHS, make people work for another 8 years and destroyed public services - be able to say "I stood in solidarity with the public sector workers".

29th November 2011

Gatwick Airport Profit Boosted By Traffic Growth

Qantas Set To Drop Asian Carrier Plans

A plan to create a budget version of Qantas serving destinations in Asia has been one of the main reasons for the dispute that saw the airline's entire fleet grounded a month ago. Unions had feared that wages and safety would be compromised by the move.

However, it seems that the board at Qantas also has doubts about the scheme and it has been shelved for the time being. Whether the current arbitration between the company and its unions, or the publicity caused by the dispute has contributed to this decision is unknown.

29th November 2011

Middle East Airlines Pilots To Strike Over Dismissed Colleague With Cancer

International Air Freight Traffic Slows - IATA

EU Expects To Secure Cargo Deal With US

Women win equal pay claim case

This case may have implications for others that have been believed to be out of time. Union and company solicitors are likely to study this judgement to see if other groups of people may be able to submit claims that have normally been considered to be outside of time limits.

29th November 2011

FAA removes emergency oxygen from airline lavatories

Upgraded body scanners to roll out across UK airports

Government is attacking private sector pension rights

As previously predicted by the HLC, the government has begun an assault on private sector pensions. The public should be under no illusions that the issues being raised in the strike on Wednesday can be safely ignored by those in the private sector. When the Tories have finished wrecking the pensions of those in the public sector, they will turn to attack the rest of us.

28th November 2011

Border controls 'will not be relaxed' during strike

Airlines encourage passengers to rebook flights to avoid Heathrow gridlock

Etihad and other airlines cancel Heathrow flights over strike

Police and army to man border checkpoints

The HLC will be meeting with Unite activists at the Bath Road office at 10 a.m. on November 30th to go on a tour of local picket lines to show our support for the struggle of public sector workers in their fight to protect their pensions. Please let us know if you are able to join us at

Hillingdon residents may also wish to get involved with the activities of Hillingdon Against Cuts which campaigns against cuts to local services and public sector jobs and employment conditions in the borough. The HAC is better at getting up in the morning than those of us at the HLC and plans to begin its support activities on the picket lines at 06.30. The main event of HAC's November 30th activities will be at midday, with a march through Uxbridge, with special attention to supporting pickets outside the Civic Centre at noon. Other planned visits include Hillingdon Hospital to show support to workers in the health sector.

Ealing residents are asked to try to attend a demo outside the town hall at noon to protest at job losses and devaluation of the pensions of those that work for the council.

Transport secretary backs west country link to Heathrow

Government retreats from threatening new anti-strike laws

From a Conservative Head Teacher - "Why I will be striking on November 30th"

BA upgrade Heathrow engineering base ready for A380 arrival

Multi-milion pound roof to handle superjumbo jets

Extra bodies flying in for strike cover

The government is attempting to reduce the impact of Wednesday's strike by flying in civil servants and immigration staff from overseas. However, the HLC has learned that the UK Border Agency is suffering a number of problems in providing cover for striking Immigration Officers.

Firstly, Immigration Officers are required to have a particularly high level of security clearance to access the sensitive databases that list suspected terrorists and criminals. The SC level sits above the CTC and CRC levels that are used in most airport roles. This type of clearance takes weeks, so only those staff who already have such clearance will be able to carry out key functions of border control.

Secondly, immigration staff receive 12 weeks training - which includes learning how to identify passports and visas that have been forged or altered. Providing this level of training will be impossible. But just as importantly, it appears that many of the trainers are among those who ballotted for strike action and many are declining to train temporary replacements.

And thirdly, the government has already reduced the number of civil servants in its various departments, so it has a smaller number of people that can be asked to cover. And many of those who are not striking will have sympathy with those who are, especially if their own pensions are under threat.

In short, we do not believe that the government can maintain a high standard of control over our borders, even if substantial delays are considered acceptable. But any drop in standards is likely to put the Home Secretary in the spotlight again.

So we must ask - "Why did the government virtually force the unions to take this action by refusing to take part in constructive negotiations?" The coalition has stated that it will not improve its offer (to make pensions much much worse - but slightly less so). Some pundits have said that they believe that the Tories want the unions to strike so that public sector workers lose the sympathy of the public. Whether this strategy works will only be seen in the coming days and weeks.

Whitehall volunteers sought to staff borders during strike

Airlines Told To Halve UK Arrivals On Strike Day

26th November 2011

The total damage to the global economy is actually trillions not billions.

Thomas Cook Secures New Financing From Banks

But the future for Thomas Cook and its employees remains uncertain. Shares in the company dropped to a quarter of their value and it is entirely possible that the terms of their financing deal involves major changes, such as selling off loss making parts of the business.

Deal agreed with workforce at Air Canada

This collective agreement involves the Air Canada staff based in the UK and is not to be confused with the long running dispute that the airline has with its Canada based employees.

Unions hit back at strike warning

The Tories sink to a new level as they threaten to take a deal off the table that has never actually been offered and try to blame public sector workers for a deficit that was caused by the banks, weak regulation of business and hundreds of billions of pounds of tax dodging.

Government spokeman tries to blame public sector workers (rather than banks) for the deficit

'We won't be stopped by smears' - unions defy Tory spin campaign

Public sector strike could see Heathrow 'grind to halt'

Heathrow's Chief Operating Officer, Norman Boivin has warned that delays of up to 12 hours at immigration could mean that passengers will be held on aircraft for reasons of health and safety.

Gatwick Airport's operator has also warned of significant delays and disruptions.

Perfect storm: 12 hour queues expected at immigration

25th November 2011

Survey calls for airport expansion

Use of shale gas 'harming climate commitments'

David Cameron's claim that this would be the greenest government ever has long been exposed as a lie, as he he turns his back on one green initiative after another. However, the scale of his failure to meet Britain's targets is only just becoming clear. A shale gas extraction operation in Lancashire using the process of "fracking" has been particularly criticised.

It has been estimated that fracking could use up a quarter of the global emissions target for the entire world, while investment in solar power and carbon capure projects has been drastically cut by the coalition. Meanwhile new studies (involving 1.6 billion temparature readings) have confirmed that human activity is the main reason for global climate change, but that the rate may be even faster than predicted.

24th November 2011 

Two years until decision on high speed rail link to Heathrow

Ryanair Issues Fresh Aer Lingus EGM Threat

Ryanair continues to make calls for Aer Lingus to hold an Extraordinary General Meeting over the deficit in its staff pension scheme. Ryanair is the largest shareholder in Aer Lingus, but denies that it has any liability for making up the deficit.

24th November 2011

Portuguese Strike Grounds International Flights

Unite's reaction to the government's latest statement on public sector pensions

BBC - Civil servants 'to staff borders' during strikes

This report from the BBC about plans to cover the immigration role of the border agency also states that the government has told unions that it will not offer any more "concessions" on its devaluation of public sector pensions. This would seem to remove any lingering hope that a negotiated settlement might be reached and the strike averted at the last minute. Solidarity brothers and sisters.

Evening Standard - Civil servants to man UK borders

24th November 2011

TWU will not challenge Qantas strike ban

Unite - Cable’s plan to make sacking easier is charter for ‘bullies and rogue employers’

Sorry, Vince. Sucking up to your boss by spouting this rubbish does you no credit. There will never be a time when the UK's economy is so strong that dodgy bosses will want strong employment law. And let's be honest, the bosses who treat their staff like shit are usually the ones who rip off their customers and drive other companies out of business by not paying their bills. Britain needs stronger employment law, not weaker.

TUC - Government urged to think again on employment law changes

Morning Star - Business Secretary Cable guilty of 'economic illiteracy'

24th November 2011

Civil Aviation Authority to be given new powers

The CAA is to be given additional powers if a new Civil Aviation Bill is passed. Under the proposed bill, the CAA could fine airports up to 10% of their annual turnover for a range of compliance failures. The draft bill could also transfer responsibility for some aspects of security to the CAA from the DfT and other government departments.

HMRC 'stalling' over tax deal case, say lawyers

Eviction hearing for Occupy London camp set for December 19th

American Airlines stewardess gets settlement from Boeing for illness caused by fumes

Details of the settlement are being kept confidential, but other flight attendents who have experienced headaches, tremors, memory loss or other health problems while working on aircraft will want to know more about this case.

Guardian cartoonist Steve Bell's take on the November 30th public sector strke

Death by capitalism - Why thousands of Britons are dying to boost profits

If the rich in Chelsea died 17 years younger (as do their poorer neighbours in Tottenham) then they might possibly understand why wealth and health are so closely connected. This is why we need a free public health service that responds to the treatment that people require - not what they can afford to pay. We need strong health and safety law. We need healthier jobs and better health education for all people. It's a lot easier to find the energy to go down the gym after a 9 to 5 desk job rather than a day of back breaking manual work that meant getting up for work at 3 a.m.

The solution? Reduce inequality! Reduce wealth inequality. Reduce educational inequality. Reduce the inequality of rights between employer and worker so that we do not live in fear of being sacked if we do not break safety regulations to get the job done quicker and more cheaply.

24th November 2011

UK Border Agency staff will be replaced by Serco workers on 30th November

Government plans to use private sector strike breakers to reduce the impact of industrial action on November 30th have been revealed by the Guardian. However, this move will not be without criticism. It is difficult to see how adequate training levels could be achieved in the time available and the Home Office must be concerned that the media will increase their scrutiny of Theresa May following the PR disaster caused by Brodie Clark's suspension and resignation.

Britain's ports and airports are expected to have major delays for anyone who travels on November 30th. The HLC has been informed that airlines have been told to expect queues at immigration of up to 15 hours - something that could well breach health and safety legislation. Unless the government seriously revises its position on public sector pensions, its credibility (if it has any left) may be seriously damaged.

This is one situation that cannot be blamed on the previous government or for which the the Tories can hope to make the LibDems their scapegoats in the political fallout.

23rd November 2011

Labour MP Dennis Skinner said: “Last year, the government said GPs should be accountants in charge of the money that is spent in the NHS. This year they want assessors to be GPs. It’s crazy. No wonder the country is going to the dogs.”

The government is now proposing that GPs should only be allowed to sign off patients as sick from work for up to 4 weeks. After that a private contractor would have to carry out an assessment, similar to the highly criticised tests carried out by ATOS on disabled people.

Meanwhile, Channel 4 news has seen a leaked document that reveals government plans to privatise nearly all of the NHS. GPs are livid, as the government had claimed that they would be able to make choices that would better suit the needs of their patients - when the truth is that these decisions will actually be made by private consortiums. Yet again the public have been lied to by this hateful Tory led coalition.

"Proof" government plans to privatise the NHS?

23rd November 2011

Jet Airways To Raise Funds To Stay Aloft

Was "Death Threat" against Qantas CEO Alan Joyce a PR stunt by the airline?

Britain Says No Opt Out Of Body Scans

The UK rejects an EU proposal that passengers should be offered a physical body search instead of an electronic body scan using backscatter x-rays or millimetre waves.

Minister reveals body scan passengers won't have choice

Thomas Cook shares dive on news of bank talks

"Iron Maiden" airline shuts down

Video - Last weeks visit by UK Uncut to Dave Hartnett, boss of HMRC

As hospitals, libraries, job centres and other vital services are being closed due to the deficit, people are asking just why HM Revenue and Customs services appears to have let some very high profile companies off paying their full tax liabilities. It is alleged that Vodafone was let off a tax bill of between £6 billion and £8 billion and that Goldman Sachs was also allowed to avoid paying its full dues.

Ordinary people do not negotiate their way out of paying VAT, income tax and national insurance, so why should major companies be treated any differently? A customs official told the HLC that the government's own figures suggest that a staggering £160 billion was not collected by HMRC last year, for a variety of reasons.

Many people are starting to believe that if tax evasion and avoidance was stopped, that none of the public sector cuts would be necessary. But will the government act, or are the politicians too cosy with the banks and big corporations?

HMRC loses all credibility on Goldman Sachs & Vodafone deals

22nd November 2011

Southampton council workers reject pay offer

Stagecoach Eyes Bid For BAA's Edinburgh Airport

Critics of the forced sale of Edinburgh airport will no doubt wonder if all the bidders who have declared an interest in buying the airport will genuinely increase choice and competition for passengers. Other potential buyers include Aeroports de Paris, which owns Charles de Gaulle and Global Infrastructure Partners, which owns Gatwick and London City Airports.

22nd November 2011

Union Leaders To Meet Regulator Over bmi Pension Scheme

Talks between Qantas and unions fail - Arbitration to follow

Qantas solidarity movement

Fog disrupts flights from Heathrow and London City Airports

UK government "plans banning protests during Olympics"

The latest piece of madness from the Tory led coalition could see police powers extended to allow much quicker action against protestors. 

But freedom of speech and the right to protest are not something that can be turned on and off to suit. This government's largely unsuccessful and unnecessary austerity measures have created a movement that will almost certainly outlast the coalition. More repression will almost certainly trigger more resistance.

20th November 2011

Thomas Cook 'to close 200 agencies'

This is devastating news for the UK's travel industry. Thomas Cook has already announced that it is reducing its fleet of 41 aircraft by 6 and selling off assets to raise £200 million to stabilise its business. The sell off will include its stake in NATS, who handle air traffic control, as well and hotels and revising rosters in its call centres.

20th November 2011

Tories past and present battle to out-nasty each other

Boris island airport ‘backed by Government’

While the Tories may think that "supporting" a new airport in the Thames Estuary may win them votes from people who live on the flight path, the HLC believes that this is at least as half-baked an idea as anything that the coalition has come up with.

The treasury doesn't have a spare £40 billion to £50 billion sitting around. And profit margins in aviation are not high enough to justify the investment from the private sector. So where would the money come from?

Meanwhile the RSPB is saying that an airport would be devastating for the birds that use the estuary and there would be too high a risk of birdstrike bringing down aircraft if a flock is sucked into the engines.

We believe that this is a PR stunt for the voters, but that the coalition will do nothing to deal with the severe lack of capacity at London's airports this side of the next general election. Meanwhile UK trade and jobs will be lost to Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Madrid, Barcelona and Dubai. Other countries will take advantage of the emerging market in Asia, while Britain falls behind. Genuine opportunities to stimulate economic growth will be lost forever.

How is the global financial crisis effecting the aviation industry?

20th November 2011

NUT slams government plans for teachers to work to 68 before they retire

Peter Hain: The retiring hero who changed the course of history

The death of cricket legend Basil D'Oliveira reminds us how history turns on events that seem insignificant at the time, but have enormous consequences.

In 1968 a coloured South African born cricketer was included in the England squad, which was due to visit on a tour. The South African authorities considered this a serious threat to their apartheid regime. They began by offering D'Oliveira a £40,000 bribe to leave the squad and then tried to put pressure on the England selectors to drop him. England refused to do so and cancelled their tour. The publicity contributed to a ban on sporting teams visiting South Africa while apatheid remained.

Had governments shown more backbone, they would also have banned businesses from dealing with South Africa and apartheid would almost certainly have fallen sooner. However, the country's isolation from the rest of the sporting world left its citizens under no illusions that their political system was out of step with everyone else. It took another quarter of a century, but eventually the vote was extended to all adults, regardless of colour.

What would have happened if D'Oliveira had not been fit to joint he squad? Would the tour have gone ahead and a boycott not have happened for another five or ten years? Would Britain and the rest of the world have gone on turning a blind eye to apartheid? Who knows?

Jonathan Agnew's tribute to Basil D'Oliveira

20th November 2011  

US Mediator Upholds Rejection Of Delta Union

Disturbing claims that an airline managed to get employees to reject union representation that might have got them a better deal by tracking their voting on computer and telling them how to vote.

How goverment backed evictions of protestors in 1932 cost them the election

Asbestos collusion 'killed thousands'

Was the knowledge that asbestos was a killer suppressed to save insurance companies from having to pay out millions? And did the government take part in this cover up?

Daily Express attacks Judge who gave Fortnums protestors a conditional discharge

In keeping with its usual attitude that poor people, gays and anyone that doesn't vote Tory should be flogged, or preferably hanged, the Express has criticised the ruling in the recent trial of 10 people who were among 300 protestors at Fortnum and Masons on March 26th this year. The Express is not necessarily against all protestors, as it has in the past praised the English Defence League.

The F&M protest was inspired by UK Uncut in response to evidence of unusual accounting practices by the owners of Fortnums, which involved its income passing through a registered charity and offshore tax havens. Large donations had also been made to the Conservative party.

The judge said that protestors were "united by a common sense of decency" and commented that "their stance may be vindicated by history".

Fortnum and Mason UK Uncut protesters found guilty

20th November 2011 

ITF unions show worldwide solidarity on Qantas action day

This week has seen demonstrations in cities around the world to highlight Qantas workers' objections to their CEO's plan for their airline. Alan Joyce appears to have plans to turn much of the Qantas operation into a "bargain bucket" airline using cheaper labour from Asia. Trade unions believe that this will compromise the airline's remarkable safety record and damage not only the brand, but Australia's reputation.

19th November 2011

Kenya aviation union wins settlement

Liverpool Airport strike threat as Servisair baggage handling staff plan walkout

Servisair is slashing staff number across the country and the planned strike at John Lennon Airport is a response to the planned redundancies. The HLC understands that Servisair are only offering the statutory minimum redundancy payment to their staff, as they throw them on to the dole queue at a time when unemployment is at its worst for nearly two decades. We anticipate Servicair staff at other airports will follow suit.

18th November 2011

Teachers in NASUWT vote for strike over pensions

The "Yes" vote by the NAS/UWT takes the number of unions likely to take part in action on November 30th to 21 (so far). Time for the government to start listening.

Nigeria Fines BA and Virgin $235 Million Over Price Fixing

BA is vigourously disputing the basis for their share of the fine, which is $135 million, though their track record on price fixing is somewhat blemished.

However, there is speculation that a key reason for Nigeria's actions against BA and Virgin lies with a decision to take away extra slots that had been given to Arik Air for flights from Heathrow's Terminal 4 to the capital, Abuja.

Nigeria slaps airlines with huge fines

US Justice Dept. Cuts Deals With Airlines Over Price Fixing

18th November 2011

Unite votes resounding "Yes" to public sector strike action on November 30th

Unite has voted by 3 to 1 in favour of strike action to protect pensions in the public sector. The prospect of three million public sector workers taking part in industrial action on the 30th of November looks ever more likely as the government keeps spouting the same old lines about existing pension arrangements being unaffordable - a claim which has already been proved wrong by its own studies.

Meanwhile, the TUC has found out that claims that low paid workers will be protected from increases in the contributions they have to pay towards their pensions are highly misleading.

Unite union to join pensions strike

Low-paid women workers miss out on public sector pensions protection promise

Strike To Close Zagreb Airport On Friday

Airlines Call For An End To UK Air Passenger Tax

Airlines quote a similar tax that was tried in the Netherlands, which it is claimed caused four times as much damage to the national economy as the tax raised for the treasury.

Indian Minister Says No Kingfisher Bailout

Airline denies demanding £20,000 from passengers for fuel

"Pay for fuel" airline grounded

Labour pledges to repeal NHS bill

This is an interesting development, which we would like to interpret as Labour starting to make a genuine stand against the changes that the Tories are making to assist their friends in the corporate sector. However, we have very real doubts that the damage that is being done by the Conservatives will be possible to reverse entirely.

The unethical changes that are being made by this government must be stopped NOW.

17th November 2011

Passenger numbers at Heathrow decline after nine months of growth

A letter from local MP John McDonnell asking all of us to oppose the OLSX evictions

Labour MP for Hayes and Harlington, John McDonnell is asking trade unionists and all people who believe in the right to protest to join him in his efforts later today to prevent the Occupy London Stock Exchange evictions.

Eviction notice tells St Paul's protesters to leave today

17th November 2011

GMB and UCATT join unions expected to strike on November 30th

Though the government should be under any illusion that if they ignore the message sent to them by up to 3 million public sector workers about their planned changes to pensions, there will almost certainly be other strike dates announced.

'69 nations still stockpiling' cluster munitions

A year after these weapons were covered by an international ban, cluster bombs continue to be bought and sold, with the US being the biggest opponent of an end to these weapons, despite the high number of children that have been maimed by them.

Like land mines, unexploded cluster bombs can lie in the ground for years until an unsuspecting civilian tries to pick one up or treads on one.

US to stockpile cluster bombs in Australia?

17th November 2011

BAA still refusing to sell homes on planned site of third runway

Sign the petition to save Ealing Hospital's services

Sign the petition to save West Middlesex Hospital's services

At least two local hospitals are under attack from the government's cuts, with mergers due to take place and Accident and Emergency departments facing closure. Even if you do not use either of these hospitals, patients may be redirected to one that you do use, leading to longer waiting lists when you require treatment.

Civil servants vote to strike over pensions

Prospect and the First Division Association (FDA), which represents senior civil servants have become the latest of eleven trade unions (so far) to vote for strike action over attacks on public sector pensions. It is expected that November 30th will be among the strike dates announced unless the government radically revises its proposals to degrade pensions.

15th November 2011