January 2012


The march through London on November 30th to fight to protect public sector pensions from a savage attacknite and the HLC were out on the picket lines today in support of public sector workers fighting to protect their pensions against a savage attack by the coalition government. In addition to local events in Hillindon, Ealing and Hounslow, there was a mass rally in London that included among its speakers Ken Livingstone, Len McClusky and Mark Serwotka.en McClusky announced that the official attendence figure for the London event was 50,000 - which rebutted claims by David Cameron that the strike had little support and was "a damp squib". 0th November 2011

Stansted sale: BAA loses appeal against ruling

Welfare reforms will penalise the vulnerable and divide society, warns Unite

Heathrow workers have their say on 'Boris Island'

Protest to Reinstate Victimised Cleaner: Alberto Durango – Justice for Cleaners Campaigner

A letter of support in the campaign to reinstate Alberto Durango, a trade union rep and campaigner for the London Living Wage for cleaners. Please sign and add a few words of support. Ask your branch to pass a motion of support and forward it to the IWW. There is also a protest scheduled for Friday week.

31st January 2012

Aer Lingus In Talks With Unions Over Pension Deficit

EU Takes Next Step In Introducing ETS

The EU began registering airlines for its Emissions Trading Scheme yesterday (Monday). Airlines that register are given an allowance based on 85% of calculated emissions before they are charged for the CO2 that they emit.

The EU says that this will give airlines an incentive to use more environmentally friendly aircraft. A number of non-EU countries, such as China and the USA are objecting to the scheme. 

31st January 2012

Spanair collapses, stranding 20,000 people

Spanair stops flying after Qatar deal falls through

SAS Takes SEK1.7 Billion Spanair Write-down

Hungary's Airline Malev Runs Out Of Cash

Airport Authority Says Air India Owes USD$243 Mln

Belgium has general strike today over austerity measures

Today (Monday) sees three Belgian trade union federations strike to oppose austerity and demand that the government acts to create jobs. The date of the strike coincides with a meeting of European leaders to set a co-ordinated plan for financial discipline for member states.

Charleroi Airport forced to cancel all flights by unions

30th January 2012

The Guardian - Andrew Lansley forced into major climbdown on planned health reforms

Yes!!! Though we'd rather see this cynical bill ditched completely. Now let's get the rest of the Tories' heartless legislation blocked or seriously watered down.

Keep the lobbying up people. It does make a difference.

29th January 2012

EU investigates Skyteam over Europe to US flights

Air Canada Schedulers To Strike If Operations Moved

Wheelchair users chain themselves together in Oxford Circus to protest welfare reform

UK Uncut reports that 20 wheelchair users have chained themselves together to protest against the government's Welfare Reform Bill, which targets the "hardest hit" in attempting to balance the budget on the backs of the most vulnerable.

Despite the House of Lords rejecting much of the Bill, the government has said that it intends to introduce it anyway, without any of the alterations demanded. The coalition is showing not just contempt for the public, but for the structure of the British political system.

UK Uncut announcement - "A Message from the Invisible"

BBC video - Disabled campaigner Adam Lotun (aka "Wheels") interviewed on how disabled are being stripped of benefits

The hate-filled Right hone in on their next target: Disabled people

Disabled people block Regent Street - Sky News report

28th January 2012 

New third runway report branded "not serious" by HACAN

A Skyport report on demands that the government reconsider its position on a third runway at Heathrow. The links below concern the problems with alternative options to increase London's aviation capacity, such as "Boris island and using RAF Northolt as a satellite airport fot Heathrow.

Conservative MPs to fight Thames airport plans; report reveals high bird strike risk

RAF Northholt may be sold; become Heathrow satellite

28th January 2012

Andrew Lansley accused of presiding over 'utter shambles' on NHS reforms

ETF - Fatigue evidence must inform new flight time and rest proposals

The European Transport Workers Federation says that governments should take note of scientific evidence on the safety risks of pilot fatigue and not allow demands for higher productivity and profit to be used to deny pilots sufficient rest breaks.

27th January 2012

Business leaders say UK loosing trade because of poor flight links

Time Running Out For Air Canada, Pilot Talks

Holocaust Memorial Day is opportunity to end to discrimination, says TUC

Today, the 27th of January is Holocaust Memorial Day. The TUC is calling on all trade union groups to highlight the consequences of discrimination, bigotry and hatred and demand that these practices end. The Holocaust saw at least six million deaths of those whose crime was simply to be born into the wrong race. But alongside the race hate crimes, hundreds of thousands of others were killed because they were gay, or physically or mentally disabled.

How ending discrimination can be good for tourism - Focus on India

Tel Aviv Reveling In Gay Tourism Boom

27th January 2012

Guardian - It's not council house tenants but home owners that get taxpayer subsidies

Remploy staff strike over sale

As the government threatens to close or sell up to 54 Remploy factories - or force inferior contracts on to the disabled workers that they employ,  a strike looms as employs fight to protect the 4,000 jobs that are at stake.

27th January 2012

Jet fuel dispute intensifies as strike spreads to fourteen days

Government gold-plates private pensions while cutting public ones

From April 2012, public sector pensions will be index linked at the "inferior" CPI rate rather than RPI. Critics say that this could see pensions devalue by up to 1.4% per year, leaving elderly people who have given a lifetime of public service at risk of poverty. But the government has just guaranteed protection to private sector pensions that they will retain the RPI rate (on any government gilts purchased) for another 35 years.

27th January 2012

Bill Gates supports President Obama and Warren Buffet in calling for rich to pay more tax

European Regulators To Probe Airport Deals With Airlines

Aberdeen Airport To Get £45 Mlllion Upgrade

Tories suffer yet another defeat in the House of Lords over Welfare Reform Bill

Signs of cracks in the coalition - at least in the House of Lords - are starting to show after the government's Welfare Reform Bill suffered another defeat. This latest loss was particularly embarassing due to the large magin, 270 votes to 128. This is the fifth Lords defeat for David Cameron in a fortnight and will give some hope to opponents that some of the Conservatives' least ethical bills may never pass into law.

25th January 2012

Factory And Design Flaws Caused A380 Cracks

Labour leader slams Cameron's 'total arrogance'

Gulf Air to downsize as anti-government protests hit passenger numbers

TUC - Chancellor's economic strategy is going horribly wrong

As new figures showing UK growth shrank by 0.2% in the last quarter of 2011 suggest we may be slipping back into recession, the government's economic strategies come under scrutiny. Are the public sector pay freezes, job cuts, reduction in benefits and tax rises stopping people from spending? If so, how many more jobs in the private sector are being lost in the manufacturing sector?

One thing is clear - we are not all in this together. Little has been done to stop tax avoidance by the richest individuals and corporations. Pay freezes and reductions for the poorest have not been matched by restraint on pay rises and bonuses for directors. And not enough has been done to create jobs to offset the cuts in the public sector.

This government's cynical policy of targeting the poor, the disabled, the unemployed, the sick and those hoping to retire is not ethically justifiable while handing out tax breaks to the biggest corporations. This is a brutal government that is happy to see ordinary people who have paid national insurance their whole lives forced to pay for medical treatment just to line the pockets of private healthcare companies who spend millions on lobbying.

This is not justice. Neither is it sound economics. All those of us who are not among the richest 1% to 5% have more in common than we admit. We must not allow ourselves to be divided. This is elitism and it is class war by the rich against everyone else. We must stand together and drive the Tories into obscurity. And we must reclaim the Labour Party for the ordinary people - or send it the same way and create our own political movement that is based on socialist ethics - not the capitalist mantra of "greed is good" in the hope that a little bit of wealth will trickle down to the rest of us.

Growth goes down, so what will happen to the deficit?

25th January 2012

Call for solidarity with Polish trade unionist sacked for a second time

Thomas Cook Early Summer Bookings Slump

Thomas Cook reports that bookings in early January for summer holidays were down by nearly a third against last year. This will be worrying news for the aviation industry, which is expecting a difficult year, but had hoped that loss of revenue would not be too severe.

Unless bookings pick up in the next few weeks, airlines may be forced to drop prices to attract a smaller number of holiday passengers and maintain load factors.

25th January 2012

Air Canada Pilots Say Company Abandons Talks

It is reported that Air Canada has pulled out of conciliated talks with 3,000 pilots. The union (APCA) believe that Air Canada may be trying to force the government to force binding arbitration on both parties to end this dispute, which has left the pilots working without contracts since 2010.

25th January 2012

Obama’s State of the Union address: Response and reactions

Last night President Obama gave a strong State of the Union speech in defence of his policies. Our own government could do well to take note of some of his initiatives. Even though President Obama has been opposed by the Republicans in the House of Representatives on most of his policies, he has still managed to invest in job creation, creating 3 million jobs while our own unemployment has gone through the roof.

And Obama is an admirer of the British healthcare system - the one we have - not the one that Cameron wants to replace it with, which bears some resemblance to the old US model. We note that using the American system of insurance to pay for healthcare rather than a national health service costs twice as much for the same treatment as our own. So we should fight the sell off before good health becomes the priviledge of the rich.

25th January 2012

Unite - Trade Union Reform Campaign or the re-launch of the nasty party?

Unite condemns a Tory group (Trade Union Reform Campaign/TURC) that plans to take away the basic rights of trade union representatives.

TUC - The value of unions to the UK economy

25th January 2012

Judge attacks PM's comments on Human Rights

BBC video report - Airbus A380 fleet should be grounded, say engineers

Wing Cracks Found On Another A380 - Source

Heathrow flights to be cut by 20% during Olympics

Government ministers look likely to reduce the number of take offs and landings at Heathrow from 44 to 36 over the peak travel period for the Olympic Games. Charter and private flights will be the main target of this reduction.

The Economist - The Olympic rush

25th January 2012

IAG looking for new long haul airline acquisitions

IAG's chairman indicates that British Airways' parent is looking to further mergers or acquisitions, with airlines outside of Europe being the main targets.

25th January 2012

Spain Halts Sale Of Madrid And Barcelona Airports

Local MP John McDonnell rallies behind sacked union rep

Geomagnetic Storm May Affect Airline Routes

The biggest solar "coronal mass ejection" in 6 years may interfere with aircraft navigation systems as well as drivers' sat navs and other electronic equipment. The disruption, if it occurs, is likely to be at a peak today (Tuesday).

24th January 2012 

Disgraced Tories to attend event to attack trade union rights

An event set up by the right-wing Trade Union Reform Campaign, which plans to abolish trade union facilities for reps, is due to be attended by Aidan Burley (Nazi uniform fiasco) and Liam Fox (Adam Werrity scandal). The Prime Minister is believed to support the removal of payments to reps while carrying out trade union duties as one of the "unnecessary burdens on employers", like health and safety.

Unions are the best antidote

Patronising Pickles leads disgraced Tories' plot to gut unions

24th January 2012

30 Conservative MPs want Heathrow third runway rethink

Walsh doubts Boris Island can be built; BA will not move

Strike vote for Heathrow Express staff

Heathrow rail staff in strike ballot

Strike of 16,000 Iberia ground staff averted by job "guarantee" till 2015

IAG takeover of BMI edges closer as bidders for budget and regional arms found

MPs to criticise NHS reform plans

The influential Health Select Committee, which includes a number of Conservative MPs has criticised Andrew Lansley's reform bill and said that it will make it harder to achieve savings. Doctors, nurses and the public are also critical of the changes, which could see nearly half of treatments that are currently free being paid for privately by patients.

The HLC says kill the bill! It will benefit no one apart from a few private healthcare organisations and health insurance companies (though they may look after MPs who support the bill). The UK is being forced to adopt the American model of healthcare, which costs the taxpayer twice as much, while leaving poorer people unable to get the treatment that they need. This is one of the most unethical pieces of legislation ever to pass through our parliament. It must be stopped, even if the coalition has to be split and an election forced.

Health committee slams Tory plans

22nd January 2012

Airlines say Heathrow would close if Thames airport built

Boris says Thames airport could be built in 6 years

Government consultation on Thames Estuary airport plans

Boris Johnson’s words show he doesn’t care about young people

Star Alliance To Combine On Carbon Permits

One year on dispute with Southampton city council continues

The struggle of Southampton council workers to oppose their contracts being torn up and having inferior terms and conditiond imposed on them continues. All trade unionists should take note of this dispute, which could be the future employment model for all of us if unethical bosses are allowed to have their way.

20th January 2012

Strike action by ground staff and cabin crew imminent at Spanish airline

Heathrow Plans For The Great Olympic Exodus

More Cracks Found In Airbus A380 Wings

Europe To Order A380 Checks - Sources

TUC warns new tribunal charges will make tackling discrimination at work even harder

Government plans published before Christmas show that an applicant might have to pay up to £1,750 before a claim for discrimination would be considered by an employment tribunal. This would clearly be a licence for unscrupulous employers, sexist managers and bigots. This is a plan that the unions must fight tooth and nail.

20th January 2012

Doctors would take industrial action over pensions

Health staff tell minister: drop the NHS Bill

Record year but Heathrow warns of capacity constraints

TUC - Government should support medium size companies, not just the biggest

Thames Estuary airport plans to be examined

A consultation is to be held on the contraversial proposal to build an airport in the Thames Estuary. This hub would be likely to compete directly with Heathrow and could cost up to 100,000 jobs in the West London area. It would also have a major environmental impact. There are also questions about whether the area could support and fund the massive changes that would be required to the transport infrastructure.

A number of people have spoken out to condemn the proposal, including the Lib Dems, Green Party, Unions and local people. Others have speculated that the entire scheme is nothing more than a publicity stunt to get Boris Johnson re-elected as Mayor of London.

Pigs have as much chance of landing in the Thames estuary as planes. So what's going on?

18th January 2012

UK unemployment increases to 2.685m

Virgin want UK competition authorities to look at BMI sale to IAG

Indian Carriers Shares Up Ahead Of Government Meeting

India's government has just approved a change to legislation that will allow foreign investors to own up to 49% of an Indian airline's shares. But with India's carriers typically making losses, it seems likely that any deals will involve more than shares changing hands.

Any new investors will probably demand substantial restructuring - which could see job losses, wage cuts and major changes to working practices. It is also possible that we could see parts of airlines' businesses sold off or slots and routes change hands as part of any deal that promises significant funding.

18th January 2012

Ryanair To Create 1,000 New Jobs In 2012

Blacklisted worker takes firm to court

High speed rail could cut Heathrow domestic flights by 20%

Or possibly not. At a cost of £32 billion to build the new rail system, does anyone expect the price of a ticket to use the new trains to be much cheaper (if at all) than a plane ticket?

18th January 2012

Miliband leading Labour to destruction, McCluskey says

Unite's General Secretary speaks out to criticise the Labour leadership's recent statement that it would not reverse the coalition government's program of cuts and public sector pay freezes.

Unite - Labour’s embrace of austerity fails working people and their party

Miliband rejects union criticism over pay stance

17th January 2012

Manchester Unlikely to Bid For BAA's Edinburgh Airport

UK 'back in recession', say experts

Ex-Qantas boss says fat passengers should pay more

Rumours of Vodafone tax deal escalate

The reputation of the most senior HMRC officials is put in the spotlight again, as new claims are put forward that suggest Vodafone may have been let off £2 billion more tax than was originally reported.

Rot at the Revenue

16th January 2012

US Presses EU On Airbus Subsidy Compliance

Tax officers to hold lightning strike on Monday

The dispute appears to be between PCS members and their employers at HMRC in its tax advice centres, who are carrying out a one year trial of using private contractors. PCS claim this may be the first stage of privatisation of their job function, which management denies.

16th January 2012

BMI to sell NATS stake to Lufthansa?

Lufthansa Starts Pay Talks As Cost-Cuts Loom

Air France KLM to immediately cut costs by €1 billion

As the details of Air France-KLM's planned restructure start to filter through, the likely impact on staff is becoming clear. Pay freezes, stopping recruitment and demanding more productivity are central to the management plan. No doubt the unions will be blamed for the situation that the airline now finds itself in.

But ultimately the problems stem from bad management decisions. No one forced KLM to merge with Air France, which saw its share price drop by half last year. Yet Air France-KLM still made a 600 million euro profit for 2010 to 2011.

15th January 2012

How the global protests outed the unhealthy marriage of buisiness and politics

Nobel prize winning economist Joe Stiglitz puts in plain English why no one should be surprised at the "Occupy" movement around the world - only that it took so long to take off.

15th January 2012

Unions criticise Ed Balls's pay freeze comments

Poly Toynbee in the Guardian pointed out today that a one off wealth tax of 20% on the richest 10% of people in Britain would wipe out our debt. Perhaps Ed Balls should look at a few other options before he targets a group of people who did least to cause the recession?

14th January 2012

Bank May Repossess Two Kingfisher Planes

Easyjet amends its booking charge

IATA publishes report on how aviation must respond to CO2 emissions challenge

A report for IATA's Industry Affairs Committee reconmmends that aviation needs to cut CO2 emissions by 15% over the next decade and by 50% by 2050.

Meanwhile, the United Nations has published its "Zero Draft" on a sustainable fututre ahead of this year's conference in Rio de Janeiro in June (click here to download the draft. There will be some conflicts between aviation's wish to hit targets using biofuels and the UN's position that arable land should be used to produce food while millions continue to face starvation in a world with a growing population.

13th January 2012

Bangalore Aviation states views on government concerns re: safety of Indian airlines

GMB Union makes fresh call for Heathrow third runway

CAA says more airport capacity needed in South East

Flights Cancelled as Strike Hits Nigeria

Air France-KLM Unveils Restructure Plan

Unions are expected to condemn Air France-KLM's plans, which include a pay freeze for many staff. The airline saw passenger traffic increase by 7.5% in December, but saw the share price of the Air France part of the business halve in value in 2011.

12th January 2012

Heathrow won’t get HS2 link until phase 2

Transport Minister, Justine Greening has announced that the Heathrow section of the HS2 rail link will not be built before 2032.

12th January 2012

Tories suffer humiliating triple defeat in House of Lords over Welfare Reform Bill

Welfare reform bill in tatters after Lords defeats

BAA Traffic Up, Heathrow Has Record December

Public sector prepares for round two of pensions battle

As more sectors from more unions reject the government proposals to make public sector workers pay more, work longer and receive less, a second nationwide strike looks more likely

Unite busts myth that union reps cost employers money

As David Cameron and his supporters attempt to stop trade union reps for being paid for facility time, Unite presents studies that show unions help companies to save money.

United Reaches Tentative Deal With Cabin Crew

UK To Go Ahead With Heathrow Rail Link

UK will suffer unless long-term aviation policy is developed: CAA

China Airlines Won't Pay ETS, Other Asian Carriers May

Guardian - Bankers can wait. Targeting protesters is much more Cameron's cup of tea

SNP seek assurances over BMI takeover

The Scottish National Party has demanded assurances that IAG's takeover of bmi will not see reliability of connections between Heathrow and Scotland suffer. BA's record on these routes has in the past been reported as less impressive than bmi.

There will also be concerns as to whether some of the Heathrow to Scotland slots may end up being sold off to other airlines to appease the Competition Commission or reallocated to other routes, which would undoubtedly have a major impact on Scotland's national economy.

10th January 2012

How much damage to 100 years of progress in the struggle for equality will be done by the Tories?

Air France-KLM Monthly Traffic Up 7.5 Pct

Hungary Tries To Save Malev After Aid Ruling

The future of Hungary's national airline now seems uncertain after the EU ruled that loans from the government were illegal and must be repaid. This leaves the airline with hundreds of millions of Euros to find, which leaves it likely that the airline will be sold, if a buyer can be found. How this might affect the 2,600 employees is unknown at this point in time, but the Hungarian government has said that the day to day operation will not currently be affected.

10th January 2012

Experts urge policy rethink on legal aid

Unite rejects local government pensions offer

The Tory government's cynical attempt to strip public sector workers of much of the value of their pensions, make them contribute more and work for longer is starting to fall apart as yet another sector rejects its proposals. Unite is still willing to negotiate, but this must be taken as a warning signal that our members are prepared to fight for as long as it takes to get a fair deal.

No rest for the 'Wearies' says survey

10th January 2012

Ryanair To Add 0.25 Euro Carbon Levy

Let's hope that the 25 cents charge does not come with a £20 administration fee.

Conservatives to meet aid target by counting ‘made up’ debt relief as aid

Indian Regulator To Review IndiGo Fleet Expansion

IndiGo, which recently became India's second biggest airline and placed an order for 180 Airbuses in the biggest purchase in aviation history, has come under the scrutiny of the regulator. As with other Indian carriers, training and safety are the main focus, amid worries that corners have been cut in a part of the market that struggles to make a profit.

In another report, it has been proposed by the Civil Aviation Minister that foreign airlines could be allowed to buy up to 49% of Indian based airlines.

Indian Minister Backs Higher Foreign Investment

10th January 2012

Father describes 'nightmare' Qantas flight

Investigation launched after BA pilots taken ill

British Airways pilots make emergency landing after feeling 'light-headed'

IATA cuts profit forecast for aviation in 2012

More gloomy news for the aviation industry as IATA predicts that 2012 will only show half the profit for the aviation industry that was made in 2011. Airline bankruptcies are not out of the question, though more mergers, acquisitions and job losses, together with pay freezes and further attacks on workers' terms and conditions are more likely.

In the UK we face the risk of a double dip recession and may see passengers deterred by the double "tax" of the EU emmissions trading scheme (ETS) and the inflationary increase in Air Passenger Duty (APD). Airlines and unions are both in agreement that APD should be reduced or scrapped altogether if the ETS is to work to encourage green practices in the aviation industry.

8th January 2012

EC: China must comply with EU law

BA boosted by increase in premium passengers

The Independent - "Pensioners will work into their 70s"

A disturbing report about how the government and business have devalued people's provisions for their old age

India To Support Struggling Airline Sector - Report

India's Aviation Minister has said that it is confident that it can ensure safety is maintained at Kingfisher and Air India, despite their financial difficulties. As a result the government will not be withdrawing the licences of the two airlines, but will be making sure that inspections and safety procedures are followed.

7th January 2012

Bid Battle For BAA's Edinburgh Airport Set For Take Off

Gatwick's new owner, Global Infrastructure Partners is currently seen as the front runner to bid to buy Edinburgh as part of the Competition Commission's requirement that BAA sell off some of its airports.

7th January 2012

Unions Raise Pressure On Lufthansa Over Temps

US Weighs Retaliation Over EU Emissions Law

While in the short term Delta, United, US and American have all decided to levy a $3 increase on ticket prices to and from Europe, airlines in the states are lobbying for either legal protection or retaliatory charges on European airlines travelling to America.

7th January 2012

BA passengers up 10.6 percent in 2011

IAG December Traffic Up 12.2 Percent

Ryanair December Traffic Down 5 Percent

Teaching unions shun pension deal

Teachers say no to pensions offer

Cracks Found In Some Singapore, Qantas A380s

TUC dismisses Downing Street health and safety claims

Work will get more dangerous and more difficult this year

Despite David Cameron's belief that workplace safety is "pointless", there are others who believe that the HSE has massively underestimated the scale of the problem and that up to 50,000 deaths a year are related to work. Accidents are only part of the problem and cancers and heart disease can also be traced to working conditions, stress and long hours.

7th January 2012

2011 was safest year for aviation

But perhaps Mr. Cameron feels that after 37 years of improving safety trends, we don't need to bother any more?

Indian Regulator Meeting Kingfisher and Air India

The Indian regulator is due to meet with cash strapped airlines Kingfisher and Air India over concerns that their financial situations risk compromising safety. The regulator is also believed to want to discuss how Kingfisher's grounding of part of its fleet (because it cannot pay maintenance bills) is impacting on passengers.

5th January 2012

Boeing dumps 2,160 US workers

Iberia cancel Heathrow to Madrid flights over pilot strikes

Unite condemns prime minister for his comments on health and safety

David Cameron says that he wants to "kill off the health and safety culture". Unite has quite rightly condemned this insensitive statement and pointed to the 171 people who died last year in workplace accidents and the many thousands who lose their lives every year from industrial disease.

5th January 2012

Public sector pensions offer rejected by Unite

Unite unanimously rejects NHS pensions offer

EU "green" tax could add £130 to cost of family holiday and threaten Heathrow jobs

The problem is not the Emissions Trading Scheme itself, but the combined cost of the ETS and the Air Passenger Duty, which together with high fuel prices is pushing civil aviation to the margins on profitablity. A double dip recession could well see some airlines go to the wall if the government does not take note that our high cost national tax must be reduced to allow the European levy to work without driving away business from the UK.

Chinese Airlines Won't Pay EU Carbon Tax

Asian Airlines Mull Fare Increases For ETS

Delta Adds USD$3 Surcharge On US-Europe Fares

4th January 2012

Child poverty set to soar, says IFS study

Lufthansa may be breaking law by using temporary staff as flight attendants

The German trade union Verdi has criticised Lufthansa for using 200 temps to crew aircraft flying out of a new airport in Berlin and says that it believes this is a breach of the law. The airline will use the staff privided by an agency for up to two years before either offering them a contract or dismissing them.

4th January 2012

Passport fast track for Olympic athletes and VIPs may mean delays for everyone else

The Economist criticises IATA plans for "streamlined" airport security

Economist magazine has commented that plans by IATA for a two tier security system are unrealistic. The proposals, which would have subjected passengers to different levels of security subject to an initial profile being made of the passenger. Airlines favour systems that would allow their business and first class passengers to be fast tracked, but critics have asked whether we should assume that those who pose a threat will always travel economy.

4th January 2012

Lufthansa and other airlines will pass on carbon tax to passengers

Lufthansa has said that it will not bear the cost of the new Eurpean carbon trading tax, which is intended to encourage airlines to have more green policies. Ethiad and Emirates have also indicated that they expect fares to rise.

3rd January 2012