March 2012 (early)

BA gives ground to EU in bmi takeover deal

It seems that the EU regulator will require International Airlines Group to surrender some of its slots or make other concessions before its purchase of bmi is approved. IAG has yet to release details of its proposals to the EU commissioner, but they are unlikely to satisfy BA's competitors such as Virgin.

13th March 2012

Demand that the government gives a budget for growth not more job losses on March 21st

India Asks IATA To Transfer Jet Air's Tax Dues

Benefit reforms will push 250,000 children into poverty

State Bank Has No Plans To Lend More To Kingfisher

With debts of $1.3 billion and a need for $400 million in the very near future to keep flying, the future for Kingfisher airlines looks bleak. The airline has never made a profit, meaning it is unlikely that funds can be secured from private sources. The Indian government has stated that it has no plans to bankroll Kingfisher and the Chairman of its owner, United Breweries Vijay Mallya (who has an estimated personal wealth of $1.4 billion) has said that he will not subsidise the airline from other interests.

Meanwhile a number of creditors have filed winding up petitions and staff are becoming angry over unpaid wages. Half the fleet is grounded due to lack of funds to pay maintenance bills and the airline has dropped from 2nd to 5th in India's list of its top airlines.

13th March 2012

Iberia Says Pilots Have Called Off Strikes And Will Accept Mediation

Doctors in last-ditch attempt to stop NHS Bill

The Royal College of General Practitioners reports that the government has not replied to its requests to enter talks over its concerns about the Health and Social Care Bill. RCGP proposes that the bill is put on hold and other means are discussed to secure the future of patient care in the UK.

13th March 2012

BAA passengers up 2.5%

Argentina Says Oil Firms Must Cap Jet Fuel Price

Argentina seeks to reduce the costs of running aircraft based in the country by ordering oil firms to cut the price of jet fuel. The government wants aviation fuel to be priced according to the figure at which petrol is sold, not at the global market rate. This could give Argentinia's airlines a massive competitive advantage if there is no successful challenge from the oil companies or other airlines.

13th March 2012

ITF - Why Are Air Canada Workers So Angry?

Unite demands answers as banks slash over 1,764 UK jobs in just one day

Ottowa brings in new law to stop Air Canada strike

The Canadian government takes the dangerous step of introducing legislation that could keep its national airline flying at the cost of removing the fundamental right of workers to remove their labour. The new law could also stop employers in "vital services" from locking out workers, but deprives them of the basic means of fighting for their terms and conditions and better safety.

13th March 2012

Workers Memorial Day - Why do 20,000 workers still die every year from their jobs?

IAG Offers EU Concessions For bmi Buy

Fees for employment tribunals will price low-paid workers out of justice

The TUC warns that proposals to charge sacked workers up to £345 to take their bosses to employment tribunal will deny justice to all but the highest paid.

13th March 2012

BAA Traffic Boosted By Surge In Brazil Flights

European airlines plead for action on ETS

Kingfisher Cancels More Flights As Staff Demand Unpaid Wages

Unfair dismissal rights under attack tomorrow

The Tories attempt to change the law so that employees need 2 years service before they can apply to an employment tribunal to claim unfair dismissal. But this change will not be debated on the floor of parliament. Instead, the government seeks to keep debate to a committee room where only a small number of MPs will be able to attend.

12th March 2012

Britain's biggest airlines urge Chancellor to rethink Air Passenger Duty rise

Virgin, IAG, Ryanair and Easyjet have warned George Osbourne that his proposed near 50% increase in passenger duty will make overseas holidays unaffordable for families.

12th March 2012

RMT Young Members Support Heathrow Express Striking Workers

Gatwick flies grounded bags to owners

Robin Hood Tax – URGENT: Send message to EU Finance Ministers!

The TUC calls on union members to send an email to those EU financial ministers who are opposing the "Robin Hood Tax". Choose from two pre-prepared emails or write your own brief statement. Click on "send to all opponents" to email all EU financial ministers whose countries oppose the tax.

11th March 2012

Victims lay into Cameron for breaking pledge to toughen laws on stalking

Jet Airways says it will clear tax debt by Monday

India's tax authorities warn that Jet Airways has 24 hours to clear a 690 million rupee debt ($13.8 million) or its accounts will be frozen. Jet has responded that it was not warned by the revenue department that this action was likely, but assures that the bills will be paid in time.

11th March 2012 

Spanish general strike called as law wrecks workers' rights

Spain's government's response to a 23% unemployment rate has been to weaken employment laws so that it would be easier to sack workers. Spanish unions have reacted by calling for a general strike on the 29th of March, the day after the UK is likely to have a public sector general strike over pensions.

11th March 2012

Confused Lib Dems vote to remove statement of support for NHS bill

It's not surprising that a large section of the public struggles to understand what the Lib Dems actually stand for. They promised to abolish university tuition fees, then voted to triple them. They flip-flop on policy in the Lords and sometimes vote against motions that they, themselves have proposed. And 24 hours after voting against holding a debate on opposing the Health and Social Care Bill, they want to withdraw a statement of support for the Andrew Lansley's proposed changes to our NHS. Which means that they oppose it. Probably. At this point in time. Maybe. Er...

Clegg isolated on NHS at conference

11th March 2012

The Economist - The runway that won't go away

How dangerous will our skies become if pilots are forced to work longer hours?

MPs and Lords revealed to have substantial interests in private healthcare corporations

A study of the commercial interests of a MPs and Lords has shown that a huge number of them (mostly Conservative) have substantial financial interests in private healthcare corporations. Many millions of pounds have changed hands between these corporations, political parties and individuals who are voting on the Health and Social Care Bill.

Surely those MPs and Lords who have a vested interest in whether our health service is privatised or not should be banned from voting on this issue?

11th March 2012

Billionaires defy the worldwide turmoil – and get even richer

Ryanair want OFT statement on why no investigation of IAG purchase of bmi

Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary is demanding the Office of Fair Trading explain why it did not refer BA's parent company IAG to the European Commission over its purchase of bmi, which would give it control of over 50% of Heathrow's take off slots.

10th March 2012

Cowardly Lib Dems decide not to have debate on dropping NHS bill

Oops. The Lib Dems vote narrowly against having a debate on dropping their support for the Health and Social Care bill on the same day it is revealed that they have received massive donations from a private sector healthcare company.

Lib Dems revealed to have accepted £970,000 in donations from private healthcare company Alpha

10th March 2012

China's largest airline to fly to Heathrow

China Southern Airlines is to start flights to Heathrow, eight years after the airline first expressed an interest to BAA, but delayed until June 2012 due to a lack of slots.

10th March 2012

Gatwick Airport power cut leaves luggage grounded

PCS says cuts at HMRC are costing the treasury billions and helping tax dodgers

Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs is three quarters of the way through cutbacks that sees 40,000 employees lost from the service. Union PCS reports that this is making it easier for companies to avoid paying their tax.

Also, new rules intended to tax those with Swiss bank accounts are not being implemented quickly enough, allowing those who use them to move their money to other tax havens.

10th March 2012

Kingfisher Airlines blames tax authorities for IATA suspensions

Lord Owen: If coalition continue to appeal NHS Risk Register, Bill must be paused

Lord Owen, the former leader of the Lib Dems says that if the government refuses to accept a tribunal ruling ordering it to publish the NHS risk register and makes another appeal, the Health and Social Care Bill should be paused. He describes the idea of pushing the bill into law while delaying evidence of risks to patients as a "constitutional outrage".

10th March 2012

Heathrow Express unveils £16 million rebrand

American Airlines Seeks More Time To File Bankruptcy Plan

Government loses tribunal - is ordered to publish NHS risk register

Andrew Lansley has lost his appeal against a ruling by the Information Commissioner that he must publish the risk register that details threats to patient care that may result from the Health and Social Care Bill. Lansley's attempts to block publication of the register have shown David Cameron's promise to make this government the most transparent ever to be nothing more than an act of fraud to get elected - as was his promise that there would be no top down changes to the NHS.

Information Tribunal orders Lansley: Publish NHS Risk Register “immediately”

NHS risk register: Stop hiding in plain sight!

March 9th 2012

Pilots say 'fatigue is a killer'

Has the government forced unions into another general strike?

More and more unions are naming March 28th as a strike day as the government continues down the path of forcing public sector workers to work longer, pay more and receive less for their pensions. Unite, PCS, Unison, NUT, UCU, EIS, UCAC, NIPSA and the Fire Brigades Union all look likely to take part.

'Final' offer on pensions an insult

9th March 2012

Heathrow announces record retail sales for 2011

US aviation authority predicts air travel will nearly double over the next 20 years

The USA's Federal Aviation Authority has projected a near doubling of air traffic over the next two decades. But where will London and the UK be as this civil aviation boom takes place. Heathrow is at 99% capacity, as requests for a third runway continue to be rejected. Gatwick and Stansted are deterred from applying for an extra runway due to a projected cost of £100 to £200 million for planning permission while the government fails to support similar requests at Heathrow.

Paris Charles de Gaulle, Amstrdam Schiphol and Frankfurt will be hoping to snap up the business that London is forced to turn away. And the UK's sluggish growth figures will fail to get a much needed boost from emerging markets.

Even Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary has made some rare sensible statements demanding extra capacity at London's airports now rather than talking about a new one in the Thames Estuary that would take decades to plan and build.

'Build new runways now' - Ryanair boss

Skyport - Thousands of jobs at risk, aviation industry claims

ICAO: Passenger traffic up 6.4% in 2011, to rise 4.5% annually going forward

9th March 2012

Government decision to sack disabled workers "barbaric" says Unite

Our cynical and heartless coalition continues to attack the most vulnerable people in our society while demanding tax cuts (the 50% rate) for the rich. The 1,000 remploy workers who are being sacked join many of those reliant on child tax credits, the unemployed, public sector workers (many of whom are women and in part time employment), NHS patients and those who are having legal aid withdrawn from them.

But we have yet to see a single banker prosecuted or fined for their role in crashing our economy. Justice will not prevail by itself. We must continue to get our message out to the public that these cuts are unethical, unfair and unnecessary. And we must not let ourselves in the 99% be divided by a 1% that seeks to avoid suffering the consequences of the recession it caused by making the rest of us pay for it over the next 30 years.

8th March 2012

Government Heads Off Air Canada Strike And Company Lockout Of Employees

Canadian government says keeping Air Canada was vital to economy

Air France-KLM Swings To Full-Year Loss

International Women's Day meeting to highlight how women are bearing the brunt of cuts

Women hit hardest by Con-Dem attack

The government’s Violence Against Women strategy ignores women seeking asylum

Fears voiced over 'half measures' of new stalking law

American Airlines Offers To Freeze, Not Terminate, Pensions

Asbestos victims denied compensation

Hundreds of victims of asbestos related disease are being denied compensation because their employers cannot be traced, making it impossible to access their liability insurance.

A promise in 2010 to set up a database of employers to avoid this injustice has not been followed through, leaving potentially thousands of seriously ill people with no way to prosecute their former bosses.

8th March 2012

Lufthansa Posts Surprise 2011 Loss On bmi

World solidarity for NHS fight

As Britons stand up to stop a bill to legalise the sell off of our NHS becoming law in only 13 days time, activists march on Westminster this evening. Follow the live feed at Rally To Save Our NHS

BBC - Health workers hold Westminster rally against NHS changes

The Guardian - Save our NHS rally: thousands march in health bill protest

7th March 2012

Transport secretary to consider ‘short term solutions’ to Heathrow capacity constraints

Transport Secretary Justine Greening has said that the government will consider "short term solutions" to Heathrow's capacity problems. The Secretary did not expand on what these solutions might be, but in the absence of any other information, we can only conclude that she refers to using mixed mode (planes taking off and landing on the same runway) or very possibly a relaxation of the night flying regulations.

Heathrow's "99%" full status is becoming a serious problem for the economy, as new business from expanding markets in Brazil and China are unable to to access the UK via Heathrow - in some cases deciding to take their European business outside the UK altogether.

Whatever the eventual solution, ministers cannot keep putting decisions on London's airport capacity off forever. Brazil has overtaken the UK as the world's sixth largest economy and others may well follow unless the government invests in growth and supports the infrastructure that allows international trade to thrive.

Transport secretary reveals details for airport review

7th March 2012

Judge Denies American Airlines Pilot Group A Committee

Osborne’s solution to unemployment? Make it easier to unemploy people

Another move by our cynical Tory government to make it easier to fire people and weaken employment rights in general.

Air Canada Gets Strike Notice From Mechanics

IATA Suspends Kingfisher Airlines

The possible end of Kingfisher Airlines moved a step closer as IATA suspended the Indian carrier from its clearing house, which settles debts between business in the aviation sector. If Kingfisher are unable to secure a massive injection of funds within ten days, we are likely to see a scramble for the airline's assets to pay off debts.

7th March 2012 

Croatia Airlines Bracing For Thursday Strike

Air France-KLM February Traffic Up 6.2 Percent

Ryanair advert campaign on Thomas Cook banned by ASA

Ryanair has fallen foul of the Advertising Standards Authority for the second time in a little over two weeks, this time over a series of adverts that mocked the financial problems of its competitor, Thomas Cook Airlines. The adverts appeared to suggest that passengers should not book with Thomas Cook in case the airline folded. Ryanair says that their adverts merely reflected concerns that had been aired in the media.

In February Ryanair was ordered by the ASA to remove an advert for "red hot fares and crew" after complaints that it was sexist and offensive. Once again Ryanair seems to have made the news for all the wrong reasons.

7th March 2012

Cabbies call off Gatwick Airport blockade at last minute

Did you know - Heathrow Fire Service used to operate a hovercraft?

Now retired to the Hovercraft Museum in Hampshire, BAA's fire service at Heathrow had a hovercraft available in the event of a plane having to make an emegency landing on swampy ground to the west of the airport. This was Perry Oaks, best known for its sewage treatment works, which was drained and later became the site for Terminal 5.

IAG purchase of BMI will not be reviewed by OFT

The OFT has said that it will not block the purchase of bmi by British Airways' parent company IAG. The OFT has indicated that it feels that the European Commission would be the appropriate body to address any concerns over BA becoming the owner of over 50% of the slots at Heathrow.

Europe Best Placed To Review IAG bmi Purchase

OFT rules out review of BMI takeover despite ‘significant concern’

6th March 2012

Defending the NHS - Unite London and Eastern activists

This may be our last chance to save our public health service from the private healthcare vultures

Time is short to save our NHS

The damage to public health of Lansley’s bill shouldn’t be ignored

6th March 2012

Germany Backs EU Airline Carbon Cost Law

Iberia face 24 strike days over next 3 months

Lords defeat for government in denying legal aid to victims of domestic violence

A cynical attempt by the Tories to deny legal aid to victims of domestic violence has hopefully been averted by an amendment to its legal aid bill in the House of Lords.

Time for Ken Clarke to deliver peers the evidence on the real cost of legal aid cuts

6th March 2012

Airport operators demand Air Passenger Duty rise is halted

Menzies Aviation profits jump by 31%

Government refuses to reconsider Heathrow expansion

The government has said that it will not reconsider its position on building a third runway at Heathrow, citing "unacceptable" environmental consequences. This is interesting, considering that it has started consultation on the possibility of building a major hub airport in the Thames estuary, which has just been designated a wildlife haven.

The truth is of course much more simple. Several Tory and Lib-Dem cabinet ministers and MPs (including Transport Secretary Justine Greening) have constituencies on the Heathrow flightpath and do not want to lose their seats, even though blocking expansion is seriously damaging the UK economy.

BAA could take legal action if Government refuse to consider Heathrow expansion

Report claims blocking Heathrow runway will cost £8.5billion and 140,000 jobs

5th March 2012

Con-Dems bid to hide NHS threat

UnionNews - Lansley is deceiving the public on NHS

We have two weeks to save the NHS, say leading academics

How "all in this together" works

The truth about Len McCluskey and the Olympics

China Claims ETS Will Cost It $2.8 Billion By 2030

Aer Lingus execs caution on sale of government’s 25% stake

Aer Lingus executives warn that the current profitability of the airline is at risk if the government sells its 25% stake. The greatest concerns are the implications if Ryanair, which already holds nearly 30% of Aer Lingus shares manages to gain a controlling interest.

Would Ryanair try to turn all of Ireland's national airline into a bargain bucket airline? Or would it strip the most profitable parts of the business off for itself and leave the rest of Aer Lingus to flounder?

Employees of Aer Lingus believe that they already know Michael O' Leary's intentions from his comments denying any responsibility for liabilities in the Lingus staff pension scheme. They believe that he wants a cash cow that will maximise profit without accepting any of the responsibilities that come with taking over an airline. 

5th March 2012

Lansley trying to keep us in the dark over NHS risk register

Tomorrow (Monday 5th March) will see Labour put its case before the Information Rights Tribunal that Andrew Lansley should publish the risk register, which shows what threats to patient care have been identified as a result of the Health and Social Care Bill. Lansley has persistently refused to allow MPs, Lords or the public to see what this document contains before the bill becomes law.

What does Lansley have to hide? What damage to our public healthcare system does the report predict? And what justification will the government give for its appeal against the Information Commissioner's ruling that the document must be published?

Labour's last ditch attempt to save our NHS.

4th March 2012

Poll Shows Sleepiness Affects Many Pilots At Work

A poll of pilots and train drivers shows that one in five has made a serious error due to tiredness. Shift work appears to be a significant factor. But how long will governments ignore the evidence that pilots need adequate rest periods to perform their jobs safely?

4th March 2012

American Airlines threatens to impose new contracts on employees using bankruptcy laws

NHS Competition Regulator was paid $800,000 by US private healthcare corporation

The Daily Mail has delivered a shocking report on Lord Carter of Coles, who is chair of the NHS Co-operation and Competition Panel. The CCP is intended to ensure fairness when private companies bid to carry out services for the NHS. But his impartiality and judgement must surely be in question now that it has been revealed that he was paid $799,000 by American healthcare giant McKesson.

Do Cameron and Lansley still expect us to believe that the Health and Social Care Bill is to benefit patients rather than corporate interests after this?

Don't forget about the lobby of parliament this Wednesday (7th March) between 18.00 and 19.30 to demand that the government "Kill the Bill". Details at TUC - Save Our NHS

4th March 2012

Plans for "Boris Island" airport look even less likely after land is designated wildlife haven

After lobbying from environmental groups and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, the Thames marshes have been designated as a Nature Improvement Area, recognising it has special value for wildlife. This would not necessarily prevent an airport from being built in the area, but would require an environmental impact study to be carried out before any plans could proceed.

Any construction that had a major impact on wildlife would need to show that all reasonable measures would be made to minimise that impact and that alternatives were not practical.

Daily Telegraph - Cameron urged to back Heathrow expansion by business leaders

Ken crushes Boris's Thames Estuary plans

Business leaders, unions and MPs make airport expansion push

3rd March 2012

Police are linked to blacklist of unionised construction workers

Hayes and Harlington MP, John McDonnell says that he will demand a parliamentary debate over reports that the police and/or security services provided construction companies with details of workers' trade union activities. The information provided about individuals was of a very detailed nature and resulted in workers being blacklisted so that they could not gain employment in the industry.

Get your leg broken when assaulted by the police, then find out you are on the construction ‘Blacklist’

3rd March 2012

Look Left – A4e: Corruption, fraud and the £200m failure to help the unemployed

FAA Proposes Colgan Air Fine Over Crew Rest

An FAA investigation into a flight that killed 50 people in Buffalo near New York in 2009 has identified pilot fatigue as a major factor and announced that it will fine the airline involved $153,000 for a series of violations involving inadequate breaks for crew. European unions are demanding that the EU parliament tighten rules on rest periods for pilots before a tragedy occurs. Sadly the EU seems to favour relaxing the rules under pressure from airlines who claim that rest periods are damaging their business.

3rd March 2012

South-west London A&E could close

People who rely on Kingston hospital for Accident and Emergency or Maternity services fear that an election promise by the Tories to protect these units is about to be broken.

BA to use A380 on New York flights

BA plans to use its first A380 delivery on its Heathrow to New York route.

TUC - One in 14 public sector workers in South West lost their jobs as austerity kicked in

And how many more job losses are yet to come?

Cyprus air traffic controllers strike to get bosses to negotiate

Outcry at betrayal of domestic violence victims

Government cuts have resulted in 230 women who are trying to escape a violent partner being turned away from refuges exery day.

3rd March 2012

Russia could block EU flights over ETS row

ICAO Wants Global Emissions Proposal By Year-End

Concorde group fight to get Alpha Foxtrot undercover

Enthusiasts who want to see the last Concorde to fly preserved and made available to the public continue to argue their case to British Airways.

3rd March 2012

More cuts on way as Serco nets millions in "behind closed doors" MoD deal

Berlin Tegel Airport Hit By Warning Strike By Union Verdi

Unite - Home Office changes will increase abuse of migrant domestic workers

Unite condemns government changes to rules that allow migrant domestic workers to leave their employers to work for others. It cites a report that shows migrant workers employed as domestic servants suffer an appalling catalogue of abuse - from sexual assault, physical violence, low pay, zero time off and psychological abuse.

2nd March 2012

An appeal from Hayes and Harlington MP John McDonnell and Right to Work

New survey reveals that airports are the largest employer in US after Wal-Mart

The USA recognises that its airports generate $1.2 trillion for the economy and create over 10 million jobs. So why does the UK fail to support our civil aviation sector?

2nd March 2012

Owen Jones: If trade unions don't fight the workers' corner – others will

As the Tories try to dismiss the role of trade unions by attacking their strongholds in the public sector, Owen Jones speculates that without champions of ordinary people that they will choose to take direct action themselves. Perhaps if Labour had provided stronger opposition to austerity measures then UK Uncut and the Occupy movements might never have been born.

2nd March 2012

Qantas guilty of airport safety breaches

Once considered the world's safest airline, questions are being asked as to whether CEO Alan Joyce's quest to cut costs may threaten the airline's good record. Australia's Transport Workers Union criticises the regulator for not punishing Qantas after finding it guilty of failure to act on reports of unsafe vehicles operating around aircraft.

2nd March 2012

Hong Kong Air May Cancel A380 Order Over ETS

China hints at a trade war over the EU's Emissions Trading Scheme through Hong Kong Air with a threat of cancelling orders for Airbus 380s.

UK Starts Issuing Carbon Permits To Airlines

1st March 2012

TUC - 270,000 public sector workers have lost their jobs as unemployment breaks records

British Airways chief claims passenger tax hike will 'destroy' jobs

Another comment from Willie Walsh. This time we actually agree with him that the rise in Air Passenger Duty at the same time as high fuel prices and the introduction of the Emissions Trading Scheme is unnecessary and damaging to the civil aviation industry.

However, the HLC disputes that the rise in APD provides any justification for job losses at IAG. We reported yesterday that IAG has just announced a fivefold increase in profits for 2011.

Fewer staff means poorer service - something that Britain and Spain's national airlines risk at their peril. Do we really want British Airways and Iberia to move a step closer to the Ryanair model that receives so much flak and ridicule in the media?

1st March 2012

Polish flight grounded at Heathrow after both pilots found to be too old

Trade union readies to rumble with Ryanair

Ryanair risks confrontation with Danish union 3F as it attempts to avoid emploment law in Denmark by putting workers at Billund Airport in Copenhagen on Irish contracts. The HLC and Unite have strong links to 3F. You can send emails of solidarity to 3F at 

1st March 2012

NHS reform bill 'complex, incoherent and not fit for purpose' say doctors

IAG's Willie Walsh Says UK Lacks Ambition On Heathrow

Unite quiz for the Cuba Solidarity Campaign

20.00 to 23.00 on Wednesday the 14th of March 2012, William Blake pub, Old Street., London EC1V 9BP. Click for details

NHS plc: Patients could have to pay for vital services, reveals damning report

TUC - Government should cut tax reliefs for the super-rich, not their tax rate

Memo to 50p tax trashers: Laffer Curve peaks at over 75 per cent

A report shows that the government's claim that the 50% tax reduces revenues for the treasury is unfounded. In fact a top tax rate of 84% for the super-rich would bring in the maximum revenue for the government.

Court Ruling Ends Frankfurt Airport Strike

Apron workers in the union GdF at Frankfurt (the third busiest airport in Europe after Heathrow and Paris Charles de Gaulle) have been ordered to terminate strike action by the German courts.

1st March 2012

Nick Clegg "admits" that government has undervalued manufacturing sector

Ministers drop workfare scheme benefits threat

After high profile lobbying by unions and activists (not just the Socialist Workers Party, as Chris Grayling claims) the government workfare scheme has withdrawn threats to withdraw benefits from people who do not complete their "work experience".

Critics of the scheme had described it as "slave labour" and pointed out that employers were able to treat members of the scheme as they chose, with a threat of unemployment benefits being withdrawn if they left. Unions have asked why, if such work was available that fully paid jobs were not being advertised.

The scheme effectively allowed employers to ignore the the minimum wage and get workers who were paid a fraction of the legal requirement by the taxpayer.

1st March 2012

Virgin wants ‘outright ban’ of IAG takeover of BMI

Labour blasts right-wing over business lobby links

Labour MP David Anderson respoded to a Taxpayers Alliance attack on trade union funding of the Labour Party with details of the corporate lobby's donations to the Conservative Party. The business sector might have more credibility as a donor if it actually paid its full share of taxes instead of avoiding them. Lord Ashcroft please note.

1st March 2012

Poll shows public prefers 3rd runway option at Heathrow to Boris Island