April 2012 (early)

Ex-UKBA boss says full passport checks will have to be abandoned

Former UK Border Agency boss, Brodie Clark has said that it will be impossible to maintain full passport checks and reduce waiting times at immigration to acceptable levels. Meanwhile, the British Air Transport Association is demanding a meeting with the Home Secretary over the delays that passengers are facing on arrival at the UK's borders.

Meeting demanded with government over airport queues

24th April 2012

IAG's Walsh 'Not Confident' On bmi Unit Sale

Willie Walsh, whose company IAG took on bmi regional and bmibaby in return for a reported £150 million reduction in the price of bmi says that he is not confident of selling the two smaller units. Lufthansa had also struggled to find buyers. It was claimed yesterday that the German airline had reduced the price of bmi from £172 million to just £20 million if IAG took bmibaby and bmi regional as part of a package with the main airline.

But IAG says that bmibaby and bmi regional do not form part of their business strategy. Unless a buyer can be found, or restructuring adapts these units to other operations, the jobs of everyone at these two units must be seen as under threat. 1,200 job losses at bmi have already been announced and it seems unlikely that a substantial proportion of employees at the smaller units will secure work within IAG unless there is a radical change in the management strategy.

24th April 2012

BA pilots commit to £10m savings to secure BMI merger

British Airways' pilots have reportedly agreed to improved productivity to incorporate bmi into the airline's existing structure, rather than be run as a budget arm of BA.

24th April 2012

Edinburgh Airport sold to Global Infrastructure Partnership for about £800m

An agreement has reportedly been reached for BAA to sell Edinburgh Airport to Gatwick's owners, GIP.

23rd April 2012

'BA paid just £20 million for BMI', claims report

Redundancies Possible as Lufthansa Cuts Costs

IATA calls for international co-ordination of green aviation strategies

The International Air Transport Association has called for a global agreement on managing aviation's CO2 emissions, that recognises the contribution that air transport makes to economies. It is critical of attempts to introduce carbon taxation in specific locations, so making some airlines less competitive. IATA also believes that passenger taxes (such as the UK's Air Passenger Duty) can be counter productive, scaring away trade and tourism worth several times the value of the duty collected.

23rd April 2012

US - AA merger speculation prompts concerns

Shadow Welsh secretary wants direct Wales – Heathrow train link

Huge 21% rise in passengers at Abu Dhabi International Airport

But is some of Abu Dhabi's growth as a hub due to Heathrow's lack of capacity? Abu Dhabi has seen an increase in hub (transfer) traffic over the years and may be capitalising on expanding markets in India, China and Russia, whose airlines cannot get adequate access to Heathrow. 

European airports should also be wary of the Jebel Ali development in Dubai. This new airport, when completed will have a bigger capacity than Charles de Gaulle (Paris) and will be able to handle 160 million passengers a year. Time for our government to stop sitting on the fence.

22nd April 2012 

Disability campaigner and former Labour MP Lord Ashley dies

The first deaf MP in the House of Commons and a campaigner for disability rights for over 4 decades, Lord (Jack) Ashley has died aged 89. He remained active in supporting trade unions in their struggle to gain recognition for employment rights for disable people up until the end. He will be missed by many people who valued his efforts on behalf of the Labour movement.

Wikipedia biography - Jack Ashley

21st April 2012

US Airways and American Airlines unions reach agreement on possible merger

This tentative agreement has yet to be agreed by the boards of the two airlines of the creditors of AMR (the parent of American, which is currently under bankruptcy protection). However, it does offer some hope of saving more jobs and protecting working terms for employees at American than are likely under a restructure that leaves AA as an independent airline (with massive debts compared to its assets).

21st April 2012

The Guardian - David Cameron family fortune was made in tax havens

An embarassing report for the Prime Minister. After George Osborne's attack on tax dodgers, it appears that the millions of Cameron (senior) were made through a network of offshore funds. While technically legal, there are serious questions about the ethics of such funds.

Why are the rich allowed to avoid their liabilities to the taxman while the rest of us have to pay up? Is it reports like this and seeing the 50p tax rate cut while pensioners have to pay more that show the lie to "we're all in this together"?

TUC - Big companies pay a lower tax rate on their profits than people pay on their pasties

20th April 2012

Cyprus court sentences 3 executives to 10 years in jail over fatal plane crash

Unite reaction to IAG's completion of the purchase of BMI from Lufthansa

Skyport - BMI deal completed

IAG Seals bmi Deal, Budget Units Included

IAG completes its purchase of bmi, including two smaller units that were not originally part of the sale. However, IAG says that it has no plans to incorporate bmi regional or bmibaby into British Airways, leaving major concerns over the jobs of those employed there.

Unions vow to save jobs in bmi takeover

20th April 2012

Airlines for America rejects proposal to change FAA rules

The industry body for civil aviation in the US rejects proposals that new rules on rest periods for flight crew should not be applied to cargo only flights.

20th April 2012

MEPs back deal to give air passenger data to US

Privacy advocates have concerned that a big brother state has moved one step closer after the EU approves sharing its passenger data with the US in a move that is claimed as necessary to prevent terrorism. The EU has already agreed to share data with Australia and is in negotiations with Canada.

19th April 2012

British Airways Fined £58.5 Mlllion In Price-Fixing Case

Theresa Villiers shuts door on third runway at Heathrow

Despite assurances to the civil aviation community to consider all options for improving airport capacity in the south-east in a strategic review to be published this summer, it seems that the government will not revisit the possibility of a third runway at Heathrow.

Perhaps the government does not wish to appear weak by making a u-turn, but airlines, West London businesses and several unions will condemn the Tories for taking this stance. Worse still, the City of London is losing billions as faster growing economies head for other countries. It is only a matter of time before the big corporate donors start asking Labour if it suffers the same tunnel vision. Labour may reject these appro9aches, but that does not mean that the funds will keep headed the way of the Conservatives.

London can only have one hub airport and Heathrow is the only site that can be developed quickly enough to avoid long term damage to the UK's economy. But if another location becomes the focus of expansion then 150,000 jobs in West London will be at risk.

Interestingly, former Tory MP Michael Portillo has said that he will not vote for or back Boris Johnson, precisely because he won't support a third runway at Heathrow. Former Labour Chancellor Alistair Darling has also spoken out in support of R3 this week.

Darling backs Heathrow third runway over jobs fears

19th April 2012

APD putting tourists off Olympics, warn industry chiefs

Disabled Remploy workers to demonstrate in London and Sheffield in fight to save jobs

Employees of Remploy, which provides work for over 1,500 disabled people will be protesting outside the offices of the Department for Work and Pensions in London and Sheffield tomorrow (Friday 20th) over plans to shut two thirds of the company's sites.

19th April 2012

53% of scheduled airlines to shun UK over lack of capacity

A new survey gives a damning verdict on the UK's lack of support for adequate airport capacity, showing airlines and business are avoiding Britain, costing us billions in trade.

18th April 2012

WTTC: Willie Walsh renews attack on Air Passenger Duty

Lufthansa Agrees To Top Up bmi Pension Pot

Lufthansa offers to make up nearly half of the (estimated) deficit in the pension scheme of its employees in bmi as it transfers them over to the airline's new owners. This will allow the scheme to be covered under the UK Pension Protection Fund (PPF), leaving Lufthansa without future liabilities. We have yet to see a statement from bmi's unions on the levels of retirement protection that employees can expect.

18th April 2012

Unite urges return to Acas as tanker drivers reject proposals

Oil Tanker Dispute – Press Conference Video

Labour must ensure patients not profit are the way forward for the NHS

New airport X-rays to end liquid limits on international flights?

A new x-ray system that can detect liquid explosives is being trialled in Australia and could ultimately see the end to the ban on carrying containers with over 100 ml of liquid in hand baggage.

18th April 2012

TUC general secretary Brendan Barber to retire

Court orders Kenya to reinstate 300 sacked airport workers

Iberia Cuts Pilot Pay In Productivity Push

Iberia Airlines has made the extremely provocative move of announcing that it will cut the pay and increase the working hours of its pilots to improve productivity (and profits). Iberia's pilots in the union SEPLA are already in dispute with their bosses over the creation of budget airline Iberia Express, which unions say would involve staff being employed on inferior wages and terms.

Critics of this decision will suspect the hand of Willie Walsh (CEO of the airline's parent, IAG) in this latest development, as there are several similarities to his attempts to crush the union BASSA two years ago, when he was CEO at British Airways. This led to a long drawn out dispute that was hugely expensive for BA and damaged its international reputation.

Iberia pilots plan strikes over pay cut

18th April 2012

Watchdog set to investigate peer over lobbying for Cayman Islands tax haven

New survey reveals the hassle factor of flying

Waiting times at immigration and security top the list of things that passengers find most frustrating about travelling by air.

18th April 2012

NHS and civil servants plan pension strike in May

Unite statement - Health workers to step up pensions’ fight on 10 May

Osborne, Barclays, the Cayman Islands and tax avoidance

Why is the government planning to make it even easier for big companies to funnel their finances through tax havens?

17th April 2012

TUC - Stubborn inflation means real wages keep on falling

'Pilot fatigue' caused Air Canada jet dive

Fatigue has been identified as the cause of a near disaster on an Air Canada flight, giving more ammunition  to BALPA, which claims cutting pilots' rest periods risks aircraft and passenger safety. The UK is changing its rules on pilot rest time to a less stringent set of regulations in place across Europe. This decision has been condemned by safety experts, unions and pilots, who believe that safety should be placed before profits.

Sleepy Air Canada Pilot Thought Venus Was A Plane

Association warns of dangers of pilot fatigue

17th April 2012

Tax-dodging millionaires pay less of their income than their cleaners

Virgin plane in Gatwick Airport emergency landing

Tories 'plan a second granny tax'

Following George Osbourne's attack on pensioners in the budget, an even bigger tax has been revealed, which could cost some older people four and a half times as much again. This ridiculous scheme will actually target those pensioners who made savings for their retirement, so will probably discourage people from doing so in the future.

16th April 2012

Iberia Claims Pilots' Strikes Threaten Future

Iberia Airlines, which is owned by BA's parent IAG is claiming that if unions carry out more strikes and refuse to accept part of the company operating as a budget airline, the carrier's future is at risk. Pilots union SEPLA has said that the creation of Iberia Express will damage their members terms and conditions that have been negotiated negotiated over decades.

16th April 2012

Gatwick announces 15th consecutive month of passenger growth

Tax is not just something for ‘the little people' says the TUC

Airlines tear up activists' tickets

Virgin Atlantic to appeal against BMI sale to BA

Only 3 days after BA announced that 1,200 of bmi's 3,600 employees would lose their jobs, Virgin has said that it will appeal the EU Commission's decision to allow Lufthansa to proceed with the sale. Lufthansa had previously threatened to simply close bmi down if the sale was not approved. BA has already started selling tickets for bmi flights from September. It is thought that Virgin wants IAG to surrender more than the 12 (pairs of) slots it is offering for sale out of the 56 it will gain from the purchase.

15th April 2012

Heathrow passport control waits over an hour

A photo from T5 last week posted on twitter. Another tweet from an arriving passenger claimed they were told to expect an hour wait to be separated into EU and non-EU queues for UKBA.

Unions to meet BMI staff at Belfast City Airport over future of jobs

NATS say Thames hub airport in ‘very worst spot’

The head of the UK's air traffic control service, NATS has said that a proposal to create a new airport in the Thames Estuary would place it in one of the most difficult locations to manage airspace congestion. The site would be directly under a point where air traffic from 4 of London's 5 airports converges. NATS is surprised that architects drawing up plans for "Boris Island" did not consult with them first.

14th April 2012

Livingstone looks to shift focus back to policy as “disgraceful” attacks intensify

BAA denies propaganda claim

Disabled activists target Olympics over ATOS sponsorship

Disability rights campaigners have declared that they intend to carry out protests at the Olympics and Paralympics over a sponsorship arrangement with French company ATOS. This is the company that the government has contracted to assess if disabled people are "fit for work", resulting in many disabled people having benefits withdrawn.

However, many of the decisions by ATOS have been successfully appealed, suggesting that its computer based tests are inadequate. Many chronically ill people such as those suffering from terminal cancer are among those who have been effectively labelled as "malingerers" by ATOS. At least 30 people assessed as "fit for work" have died since being told their benefits would be removed and several suicides have also been reported.

14th April 2012

Air Canada Cancels "Some Flights" After Pilots "Take Action"

Opinion: Why a new airport in the Thames Estuary is struggling to take off

Travel Weekly explains why "Boris Island" is failing to gain support as a serious option to increase aviation capacity for London.

14th April 2012

Possible deal in Unite fuel drivers row

LATEST: Acas statement on the tanker drivers dispute

Unite reaction to the integration of BMI mainline and BA

Skyport - "The Death of BMI"

Unions vow to fight for bmi jobs (TravelMole-UK)

London aviation conference to look at UK aviation growth options

Aviation Minister Theresa Villiers and BAA CEO Colin Matthews will be speaking in London on Wednesday next week at a conference on the need for increased airport capacity in the south-east of England. Tickets are priced at £395 plus VAT, possibly to ensure that attendees are from the corporate sector rather than unions, local residents and environmental groups, though non-profit groups do get a discount.

13th April 2012

The Independent - Osborne's botched Budget sends Conservative ratings to a new low

Gatwick revamp puts jobs at risk

Indian Cabinet Defers Decision On Foreign Investment In Airlines

India's government has failed to come to a decision on whether or not to allow foreign companies to part of fully buy airlines based in the country. Five of the six biggest Indian carriers failed to make a profit last year and it is unclear whether all will survive. It was hoped by many that a change in the regulations would have attracted foreign investors to finance restructuring, though this would have impacted on jobs and wages of employees.

13th April 2012

Death of Heathrow lift engineer was due to employer safety lapse

BA Takeover Of Bmi To Lead To 1,200 Job Cuts

bmi employees will be devastated to hear that IAG plans to cut 1,200 jobs at the airline following its takeover. Job losses had been expected, but the scale of the cuts, at a third of the workforce will be devastating.

Many of the jobs to be lost will be at bmi's head office and at regional airports, but Heathrow based staff will not rest easy until more detailed information has been provided. Some of bmi's employees will be among a group of Lufthansa workers who have had their contracts transferred between companies up to 7 times in the past 15 years.

British Airways lays out redundancy plan for bmi staff

12th April 2012

Government approves plan to save Air India

Shift work link to increased risk of diabetes and obesity

A study has found that shift work can dramatically change sugar and insulin levels, resulting in high levels of weight gain and a significantly increased risk of diabetes.

12th April 2012

Ryanair cuts more routes at Edinburgh Airport

Portugese air traffic controllers begin 5 days of strikes

MPs right to say border agency can not cope with fewer staff

PCS union has issued a statement confirming MPs' fears that cuts to the UK Border Agency are causing unacceptable queues and delays for arriving passengers at Heathrow and other ports.

UK border queues branded 'a national embarrassment'

MP's committee head warns - "Heathrow not prepared for Olympian UK immigration surge"

12th April 2012

BAA passengers up 4%; Heathrow hits 70m for first time

Vote 2012: Safe in their hands? The six broken Tory NHS promises

ETS Could Scupper Global Climate Talks Says India

Alternatively ETS might actually give nations a good reason to come to an international agreement on greenhouse gas emissions, something a number of countries have been avoiding for years.

11th April 2012

Unite calls for no compulsory redundancies as BA announce reorganisation at Gatwick

British Airways jobs under threat at Gatwick

Osborne’s dogmatic return to Thatcher-era employment law

Companies using loopholes to avoid equal pay for agency workers

‘Drastic’ cost cuts lined up to save Air France in Europe

Air France ties short-haul future to cost cuts

How badly will Air France's drive to cut costs by 20% hit staff and customer service?

Coalition continues crackdown on benefits fraud, but will they clamp down on tax fraud?

Virgin welcomes airport capacity increase plans but say Boris island idea ‘bonkers’

The government will publish a list of possible options for increasing aviation capacity in the south-east this summer, but airlines are already starting to air their views.

10th April 2012

BAA extends bid deadline for Edinburgh Airport

Heathrow to hear A380 superjumbo night flights plan from Emirates

Work begins on BA's first A380

Construction begins on BA's order of 12 Airbus A380s. The airline's fleet upgrade will also include 24 Boeing 787 Dreamliners.

10th April 2012

India Decision On Allowing Foreign Investment In Its Airlines On Thursday

India expected to clear foreign airline investment

IAG hints it has interest in buying Portugese airline TAP

But mergers ususally result in job losses and less choice for passengers.

Setback for RAF Northholt/Heathrow plan

UK unemployment to rocket by 100,000 – Unemployment to be ‘permanent feature’

The Institute for Public Policy Research has predicted that unemployment, which is at a 17 year high will continue to rise over the summer and remain at significant levels for years to come.

Some might think that the government might be disappointed at these levels, but others believe that the Tories are actually encourraging high unemployment for political ends. Workers who are scared of losing their jobs because there are few opportunities to get other work are easier to control, to force to carry out unpaid overtime and break health and safety rules. And giving more power to the bosses makes life harder for the unions, who are the main backers of the Labout Party.

So perhaps high unemployment is not just an unfortunate result of the coalition's austerity measures, which it claims are to deal with the deficit. Perhaps this is a deliberate strategy to give more power to the 1% as it grows even richer at the expense of the 99% in the manner of most parasites.

9th April 2012

Iberia Pilot Strike Grounds 150 Flights

Virgin eye BMI slots for Scottish flights

Virgin looks to be ready to take up Willie Walsh's challenge to bid for flights from Heathrow to Scotland, which do not appear to be part of the IAG strategy for the slots it would acquire after purchasing bmi. It is also possible that Virgin may appeal against the decision to allow IAG to purchase bmi for the sacrifice of only 14 pairs of slots, giving it 51% of the take off and landing opportunities at Heathrow.

9th April 2012

Transport strike grips Brussels over failures to improve safety after worker murdered

Jailed peers can go back to work and start claiming expenses again

The Budget: Comment by Len McCluskey

Len McCluskey talks about George Osbourne's "millionaires; budget" and how it fails to address the real issues, such as unemployment, inequality and poverty.

9th April 2012

IAG boss Willie Walsh misses out on £1.35m bonus

Court rules that NHS bill was violation of Tories 2010 manifesto

A remarkable judgement from the information commissioner declares that the government's Health and Social Care Bill (Act), the way it was introduced and its risks concealed were a breach of democracy. This won't force the coalition to reverse the NHS changes, but might slow them down and gives Labour strong grounds to reverse them if (when) they eject the Conservatives and return to power.

7th April 2012 

The latest online newsletter from the TUC on workplace health and safety is out today

Guardian columnist complains of major queues at T5 with only 3 UKBA desks open

Polly Toynbee tweeted at 23.00 last night that there were "shocking queues" in Terminal 5 and that only 3 desks were staffed by the UK Border Agency. She also reported that children were crying and that a UKBA official asked her to tell David Cameron that the queues were because of his cuts.

7th April 2012

Independent candidate for London Mayor declares support for 3rd runway

New employees must wait 2 years to qualify for unfair dismissal from today

Changes to employment law introduced today include a doubling of the qualification period to apply to an employment tribunal from one year to two years for new employees. Unions believe this is nothing less than a licence for unethical employers. There are still some grounds for applying to a tribunal that do not have a qualifying period, such as discrimination, but millions of people this year will find themselves at the mercy of ruthless bosses who will demand that workers carry out tasks that they should not have to under threat of dismissal without explanation.

Summary of today's employment law changes

Discrimination claims expected to soar in 2012

6th April 2012

Air France seeking to reduce controllable costs by 20%

Air France announces a massive restructure to restore profitability. But how many jobs will be lost and how badly will wages, terms and conditions be degraded?

6th April 2012

BAA Information Desk redundancy rumours turn out to be true

France Calls For Compromise On Emissions Trading Scheme

It now looks likely as though the EU may climb down on the full implementation of its scheme to charge airlines for their CO2 emisions after attacks from both inside and outside Europe. The EU brought in the scheme after the UN failed to introduce a global system for reducing greenhouse gases in the aviation industry.

The EU has stood firm until now against threats from China, India, Russia and the US of a trade war, but will almost certainly review its position in the light of France's objections, which follow concerns raised in Germany.

This will be extremely disappointing for the environmental lobby, as the United Nations has so far failed to gain the agreements of enough countries to set up a genuine international scheme for a greener aviation industry.

5th April 2012

BA pension trustees must explain scheme changes

Why won't Cameron speak out in support of worker safety like President Obama?

As we approach Workers Memorial Day (April 28th) we are still hearing the same old mantra from the Tories about workplace health and safety being a "burden on the employer" as if saying the same phrase time and time again makes it true.

But around 20,000 people die every year in the UK from accidents or diseases related to their work, so perhaps Mr. Cameron would have a different view if he was a manual worker.

President Obama's speech on Workers Memorial Day 2010 was refreshingly different to the Tory line and recognises that far better safety measures are needed in the workplace. Why are the lives of British workers so much less valuable to our government than those of American workers to theirs?

5th April 2012

Virgin to decide whether to appeal BMI sale decision

Skyport - Border Force and BAA deny gridlock at Easter

Though reports from across the airport suggest unacceptably long delays for arriving passengers are already happening.

Air Passenger Duty 'too high' say holidaymakers

IAG boss Willie Walsh requested his salary be frozen in 2012

Remploy not for sale – national demo April 20th

Having labelled unemployed disabled people a bunch of shirkers and benefit scroungers in a disgraceful propaganda campaign, the coalition is now trying to close most of the remploy sites that were set up to provide a working environment for the disabled.

5th April 2012

EU Probes Ryanair Deal At French Airport

The EU competition regulator has previously opened investigations into Ryanair's arrangements with airports in Austria and Germany. Other airlines are also likely to be investigated,

5th April 2012

This man is accused of multiple acts of public sector vandalism and considered highly dangerous

Rivals Ready Final Edinburgh Airport Bids

MPs attack plans for secret trials

Message to David Cameron - George Orwell's 1984 was a warning about opressive and unaccountable states, not a manual for you to follow. Your plans for secret trials run counter to every principle of civil rights since the Magna Carta was signed in 1215. Does the right to a "trial before one's peers" seem optional to you?

So why do the Conservatives feel justified in turning the clock back on legal rights back 800 years? What next, the reintroduction of serfdom and the feudal system? Will Dave claim "droit de seigneur" (the right of the ruling class to screw anyone they like without consent) or do we feel he's already been doing that for 2 years?

Why we should place justice over secrecy (Morning Star)

5th April 2012

Unite - Cameron’s Big Society bank disguises the massive cut to charities’ income

Is enough being done to tackle noise and pollution at Heathrow?

Kingfisher strike called off

A strike by Kingfisher staff who have not been paid since December has been called off following assurances from billionaire boss, Vijay Mallya.

4th April 2012

IATA records aviation growth but warns confidence remains fragile

Easter travel 'gridlock' warning given by airlines

Airlines warn that cuts to immigration staff in the Border Agency will mean massive queues over the Easter period.

4th April 2012

Ryanair complains, AC Milan delayed as France strikes continue

Ryanair demands 'no strike' rule for air traffic controllers

French air traffic controllers stirke continues to seriously affect flights

Ricky Tomlinson in group seeking to clear their names of criminal picketing 40 years ago

A group of people charged under the 1875 Conspiracy Act for picketing in Shrewsbury 4 decades ago are launching an appeal to clear their names. Royle Family actor Ricky Tomlinson is among those who were jailed for what many people believe were entirely political reasons with the encouragement of the Conservative government.

4th April 2012

Bomb threat letter found on international flight from Houston to Heathrow

Air Canada Union To Fight Anti-Strike Bill In Court

Canadian union IAMAW announces that it plans to make a court challenge against a law that makes strikes at Air Canada illegal, citing the law is unconstitutional.

3rd April 2012

Stansted Airport ground staff at Swissport agree to peace talks

IAG in talks with Malaysian Airlines

Will Malaysian be the next airline to become part of International Airlines Group?

3rd April 2012

Iberia Files Legal Action Against Strikers

TUC - "2.7 million workers' jobs at increased risk due to employment law changes"

BMI: 'There will be redundancies' says Willie Walsh

IAG boss Willie Walsh has confirmed that an unspecified number of bmi staff will be made redundant following IAG's takeover of the struggling airline from Lufthansa.

He also indicated that some the Heathrow slots IAG acquired in the sale will be transferred from regional routes, reducing the number of flights to Scotland. Walsh challenged Virgin to apply to take over these routes if it believed they could be run profitably.

2nd April 2012

Kingfisher To Resume Salary Payment Says Vijay Mallya

Banks Approve Air India Loan Restructuring

Government PR stunt to attack Unite tanker drivers backfires

Airlines urge review as UK air passenger duty rises by 8%

The contraversial rise in Air Passenger Duty announced in the budget is now in force. Airlines, unions and business have criticised the super inflationary rise as airlines are already struggling with high fuel prices and the introduction of the EU's emissions trading scheme.

Few airlines are expected to make significant profits in 2012, with some predicting that all carriers will suffer losses this year. Britain's tourist trade is one of the industries that is likely to suffer from rising air fares due to this "triple whammy" pushing up airlines' costs.

Airlines urge independent research on effect of APD

1st April 2012

Personnel Today - April 6th Employment Law changes

This month sees a number of changes in the way that employment law and the tribunal system operate. These include changes to the deposits that may be required to apply to a tribunal, the costs that can be awarded, the length of time employed at a company before being eligible to go to tribunal, maternity, paternity, adoption and sick pay changes, legal requirements to report accidents and qualification for auto-enrolment in pension schemes. Make sure your members' are not being denied their rights.

If you are a Unite member, you can get general advice on legal matters at O. H. Parsons solicitors but will need authorisation from your full time officer for individual cases.

1st April 2012 

Nike’s exploitation of female workers – sacked for being pregnant, abused at work…

A shocking report from Left Foot Forward on the illegal employment practices at the factories in Bangladesh owned by Nike, Adidas and Puma.

1st April 2012

Uxbridge Gazette - HS2 route to Heathrow 'to be announced in autumn'

IAG eyes stake in JAL

Air India Employees Call Off Proposed Strike