January 2013

EU’s airline workers fatigue plans branded ‘unsafe’

European-wide pilot strikes threat over safety concerns

Unions deliver a warning that switching to less stringent EU rules on pilot fatigue would endanger passengers and crew

Heathrow's snow horror: blame flaky politicians

Reuters - Heathrow needs decisive capacity fix

Heathrow and BA criticised for reaction to snow

TUC urges government to end isolation on EU Robin Hood Tax

As 11 EU countries prepare to implement a financial transaction tax on banks, the TUC warns that the UK's refusal to join them risks isolating Britain from the dialogue on financial policy in Europe

Unite calls for Leveson style inquiry into blacklisting

Global Dialogue Forum on the Effects of World Economic Crisis on Civil Aviation Industry

The International Labour Organisation gives details on a forum on the effects of the global economy on Civil Aviation. The forum will take place between the 20th and 22nd of February in Geneva.

21st January 2013

Pilots' union SEPLA issues warning over IAG restructuring talks

SEPLA says that it is frustrated that IAG has not responded to its proposals for an alternative restructure plan for Iberia Airlines. The IAG plan involves cutting 4,500 jobs and massive cuts in salaries at the Spanish airline.

Heathrow reduced schedule - 20% of Sunday flights and 10% of Monday flights cancelled

Sunday Times poll shows public opinion has swung away from wanting to leave EU

A poll by YouGov for the Sunday Times indicates that most Britons currently want to remain in Europe.

TSA Removes X-Ray Body Scanners from US Airports

The USA has taken the drastic step to order all of the Transport Security Administration's x-ray based body scanners be removed from airports after failures to address privacy and safety concerns

More woe for Heathrow travellers as 101 BA flights cancelled

Snow continues to dominate the headlines for Saturday

ITF General Secretary visits Istanbul to fight for reinstatement of Turkish Airlines workers

ITF General Secretary, David Cockcroft calls for the reinstatement of 305 sacked Turkish Airlines workers and an end to attacks on fundamental trade union rights

UK snow: Further Heathrow disruption warning on Saturday

Stansted Airport being sold to Manchester Airports Group for £1.5bn

438 Heathrow flights cancelled to allow runways to be de-iced

European pilots' organisation say safety regulators underfunded

Pilots claim that austerity measures across Europe mean that national safety regulators lack adequate funds to monitor and address safety issues in aviation.

18th January 2013

Airports prepare for snow as temperatures plunge

Vigil in London Jan 16th outside judicial review on mental health sufferers' disability assessments

Most Boeing 787 planes grounded on safety fears

Boeing's 787 Dreamliner becomes the first aircraft for over 30 years to be completely grounded by regulators

Boeing and ANA shares drop after 787s grounded

London Stansted Attracts Three Final Bids

Grow Heathrow squatters claim moving them on would violate right to a family life

A group of squatters who transformed a piece of wasteland used by fly-tippers into a market garden are challenging their eviction under human rights legislation

London Victoria evacuated after Gatwick Express fire

American Airlines loses $1.9 billion in 2012 but profitable on operating basis

The great London airport debate

The BBC on the possibilities under discussion at the Commission of Inquiry into airport capacity in London.

Opponents to Luton expansion claim it's all 'spin'

Boris Johnson: Why London needs a new airport

Ministers unveil new pensions con

The Morning Star says that the government's new flat rate pension scheme will see workers contribute more, work longer and receive less, leaving many living below the poverty line.

15th January 2013

Heathrow enjoys busiest ever year

BA Employee Wins Religious Discrimination Case

A court rules that British Airways did discriminate against an employee who wore a cross at work, but finds that three others who brought claims against their employers had not had their human rights breached

IATA: Upswing in cargo brightens cautious demand outlook

Airports prepare for snow as temperatures plunge

Heathrow and Gatwick prepare for snow

Kingfisher Revival Plan Not Enough To Restart

British Airways owner IAG soars to the top of the FTSE 100 after upgrade

The right-wing continues its hate campaign against the disabled, low paid and unemployed

Dreamliner plane review ordered by US regulators

Boeing Greamliner 787 Hit By Two More Mishaps In Japan

Yet more problems with Boeing's flagship are reported, leading to the FAA ordering a safety review

11th January 2013

World's safest airlines revealed

Iconic remnant of 'old' Heathrow demolished in latest phase of £2.5billion T2 project

Branson warns against British EU exit

Richard Branson warns that the EU is Britain's biggest trading partner and that an exit from Europe would be a disaster for UK business and the economy

UKBA contractor wrongly ordered people to leave Britain

The Morning Star reports on claims that an outsourced section of the UK Border Agency run by Capita wrongly told several people that they had no right to be in the UK, including British passport and visa holders

Morrison Quits Race For Stansted Airport: Report

Race to buy London Stansted Airport 'now a two-horse race'

Second faulty Boeing Dreamliner in Boston

Only a day after a fire broke out on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner at Boston Logan Airport, a second 787 is involved in an incident relating to a fuel leak at the same airport

Boeing Dreamliner catches fire in Boston

Campaign for physically and mentally disabled people against the cuts

ICAO to call time on controller fatigue

Aviation's safety authority is to extend its scientific analysis on fatigue from flight crew to air traffic controllers in a bid to reduce accidents and near misses

LOT to cut aircraft and staff

Facts and fiction on welfare – TUCs Nicola Smith

The TUC says that the public is the victim of government propaganda and the right wing media as it is told to blame the unemployed for the deficit. In fact only 3% of welfare spending goes on jobseekers allowance to the unemployed - despite this government's dismal record on job creation.

And as for benefit fraud - MPs are 30 times more likely to fraudulently claim expenses than benefit claimants, with less than 1% of claims being false (the government's own figure is 0.7%).

8th January 2013

Air France-KLM Denies It Is In Alitalia Buyout Talks

American Airlines signs pilots deal with US Airways

Luton airport amends expansion plans

ITF - Spain’s Iberia airline crew protest planned job cuts

Iberia staff stage a rally in Madrid to protest a plan to cut 4,500 jobs and slash employee wages by 25% to 35%.

6th January 2013

Kingfisher Airlines loses operating licence

Debt ridden Kingfisher fails in its attempt to secure its operator's licence for 2013 because it has not presented a viable restructure plan to aviation authorites

Iberia Pilots Agree To Talks About Job Cuts

IDS accused of yet another welfare figure fiddle

Ian Duncan-Smith continues to blame the poor for the deficit by claiming that the bill for benefits rose by 58%, when HMRC admits that the actual rise was only 8%.

TUC's new General Secretary sets out priorities for 2013

New Year message from Green Party leader Natalie Bennett

Ed Miliband's New Year message

The left set out plans to challenge the coalition's austerity agenda as Britain heads towards a triple dip recession. Growth isn't going to happen without the creation of jobs and people won't start spending unless their wages keep pace with inflation. Both Cameron and Clegg have broken numerous election pledges and must be seen as only in their positions because of acts of fraud.

This will be a difficult year, especially for the poorest and most vulnerable. We must keep up the petitions and take the government to task in the British and European courts. We must challenge the weakening of employment law. We must demand that Cameron signs up to his CO2 emissions targets. We must see minister in court for failures to carry out an equality impact assessment on the results of changes to benefits.

These are battles that can be won if enough people are prepared to stand up and make their voices heard.

1st January 2013