February 2013

BBC - South East 'losing out' to Amsterdam airport, warns Schiphol boss

Dubai Airport Pax Traffic Up 15% In January

Heathrow's competitors continue to expand while the government puts off making a decision of the future of UK aviation

Green Party promises to deliver the social justice that Labour won't guarantee

Ryanair To Appeal As EU Blocks Aer Lingus Move

A Ryanair attempt to takeover Aer Lingus is blocked by the EU

Around 40 Hillingdon activists at Uxbridge Civic Centre on Thursday 28th February lobbying councillors who want to give themselves a 4% pay rise while cutting services for the vulnerable

Heathrow campaigner barred from US was on secret blacklist

Are Heathrow activists being monitored on an illegal database?

Doctors rally to save the NHS

Man sues airlines following wife's death

Man wins case against BA after being kicked off overbooked flight

A court rules in favour of a passenger who was refused a seat because his flight was overbooked

Kingfisher loses rights to fly to UK

Troubled airline Kingfisher is told that its slots will be reallocated to other airlines after an extended period in which it failed to use them and eventually had its operating licence suspended

Lobby group warns biggest airline from American & US Air merger will lead to higher fares

Heathrow 'rules out mixed-mode' to stick with afternoon runway switch

Residents noise fears as Heathrow inbound flights set to be routed over Fulham

Heathrow bosses say that they have no plans to attempt to increase the airport's capacity through mixed mode. However, overnight resurfacing of the southern runway until the end of October will mean that arriving flights between 22.30 and 06.00 will be using the northern runway, which will take them over one of the most densely populated areas of London.

Noise insulation scheme launched for homeowners under Heathrow flightpath

Unite backs expansion of Luton airport

Unions launch attack on Willie Walsh over Iberia cuts

The International Transport Workers' Federation says that all of Spain seems to have turned against Willie Walsh after his savage attacks on jobs and wages at Iberia Airlines

ITF blames Walsh for Iberia strike

24th February 2013

BA pilot's toxic air emergency

The Express on the recent problems with fumes in aircraft cabins that have been claimed to have links with drowsiness, cancers and brain damage

Unite - Cameron's big NHS lie exposed

Shorter queues are top priority for air travellers, finds study

Note to ConDems - You might want to take this into account next time you're thinking about slashing the numbers of immigration staff

Iberia And Unions Agree To Strike Mediator

Unite - Work programme farce must end now

Unite calls for an end to the government's flagship work programme after a court ruled parts of workfare to be illegal and a multi-million scheme intended to find jobs for unemployed people failed miserably. The money that the government has given to private companies would be far better spent in actually creating jobs.

Child poverty will be made worse by council funding cuts, warns TUC

US Air Travel Faces Disruption From Cuts

In response to a demand for savage public spending cuts, $600 million has been slashed from the budget for aviation, leading to 100 control towers being closed and predictions of major delays at some of the US's biggest airports. The problem is likely to continue until the Republicans reduce their demands and accept a compromise solution.

Ryanair And Aer Lingus Ruling By EU Next Week

Striking Iberia Workers Clash With Police at Madrid Airport

Iberia Strike To Ground Over 1,000 Flights

Heathrow Boss Calls For Faster UK Airports Report

Heathrow's CEO says that the need for a decision to deal with the lack of aviation capacity in the South-East is urgent and that London is falling behind its competitors as a result of government failures to get to grips with the issue.

19th February 2013

Ryanair ordered to compensate ash cloud passenger

The European Court of Justice throws out an argument by Ryanair that the 2010 ash cloud was such an exceptional event that airlines should not have had to follow rules on paying passengers compensation for the costs caused by delays.

BBC staff strike in fight to save our service

Heathrow Profit Jumps On Increased Fees

Iberia cancels flights ahead of strike

Iberia Airlines has started cancelling flights ahead of a 5 day planned strike between the 18th and 22nd of February. The strike is in response to the airline's proposal to cut around 4,000 jobs and demands that staff accept massive pay cuts of up to 30%.

Willie Walsh has been making his usual provocative comments rather than looking for a negotiated solution with the trade unions. The result is likely to be an extended conflict that will do little for the reputation of Spain or its national airline.

International trade union group ITF comments on Willie Walsh role in failure to reach negotiated solution

16th February 2013

Defend London's NHS holds launch event

A new campaign to protect London's healthcare begins after the scale of David Cameron's lies about protecting the NHS becomes clear. Several hospitals, specialist department and A&Es are being lined up for closure. Thousands of nursing positions are being closed and private healthcare companies are lining up to grab money that taxpayers have contributed to protect their futures. Waiting times continue to go up. Act now - before it is too late.

Thousands Hit By German Airport Strike

Transatlantic air fares set to rise following American Airlines and US Airways merger

Unite - NHS ‘gagging' case reinforces ‘stronger whistleblowing’ call

Unite calls for better protection for its 100,000 members in the health sector who may need to raise safety concerns

Pilots who died after toxic fume event were considering legal action

How much longer do we need to wait before action is taken to prevent contamination of air in the cabin of aircraft?

14th February 2013

BA jet in toxic fumes emergency lands at army base

British Airways plane makes emergency landing in Las Vegas

American Airlines and US Airways poised 'to merge'

ES - Tout 'threatened to kill licensed taxi driver' at Heathrow

TUC on ruling that government scheme to force unemployed to work for free was illegal

The TUC slams the ConDems for ignoring warnings that its "workfare" scheme was forced labour and therefore a breach of international law. This week's court ruling has validated the trade union position and left the government potentially facing tens of thousands of claims for unpaid wages.

Ryanair Says Aer Lingus Bid To Be Blocked By EU

Airlines' alarm at proposed Heathrow charges hike

Airlines react to proposals that charges be raised to pay for a £3 billion investment in Heathrow to allow it to stay competitive with other European hubs.

Iberia Airlines unions announce strike dates

TUC safety manifesto could help prevent needless workplace deaths and injuries

The TUC calls for an end to cutbacks on safety inspections and new measures to be implemented to protect worker safety

Unison blames horse meat scandal on inspector cuts

ITF backs Delta Airlines strike workers

Hillingdon residents to vote on expansion at Heathrow

Yorkshire ambulance bosses attempt to derecognise Unite in patient safety row

Unite warns that patient safety will be put at risk as privatised ambulance services use part trained staff (six weeks)instead of qualified paramedics (two years training). After Unite raised concerns, Yorkshire ambulance service announced that it was derecognising the union.

This pattern of privatising and cutting corners to save money is likely to be repeated across the country if not opposed strongly.

9th February 2013

Calls for Heathrow Airport review to report sooner

Secret Government bid to privatise fire and rescue services revealed

IAG’s Walsh Pledges to ‘Do It Again’ in Taking on Iberia Unions

Willie Walsh makes provocative comments, suggesting that he is planning similar union busting tactics to those he used against British Airways flight crew two years ago. Walsh is demanding that Iberia's unions accept massive pay reductions and staff cuts. He has already rejected a counter proposal from unions for less drastic cuts.

6th February 2013

Night flight noise can cause serious health problems, says CAA

Don't let the media fool you into thinking that the deficit is because of "benefit scroungers"

(The Tories and the right wing press just want to distract you from the real villains)

Northern TUC Asbestos Group won over £310,000 for asbestos victims and their families

Walsh hits out at government indecision on hub airport

Scrapping APD could boost economy and create jobs, finds study

A new study finds that Air Passenger Duty is holding back job creation and damaging the economy

Strikes planned as IAG Iberia talks break down

IAG's talks with unions at Iberia collapse over plans to cut 4,500 jobs, leaving the prospect of a series of strikes from the 18th of February.

4th February 2013

Heathrow backs future with £3bn investment

Heathrow says that it needs to raise charges to airlines to finance airport improvements, as passenger figures fall below predictions. Meanwhile, proposals to deal with a shortfall in capacity serving London and the South East are put forward, including a four runway design to the west of Heathrow.

4th February 2013

EU’s airline workers fatigue plans branded ‘unsafe’

European-wide pilot strikes threat over safety concerns

Unions deliver a warning that switching to less stringent EU rules on pilot fatigue would endanger passengers and crew 

Heathrow's snow horror: blame flaky politicians

Reuters - Heathrow needs decisive capacity fix

Heathrow and BA criticised for reaction to snow

TUC urges government to end isolation on EU Robin Hood Tax

As 11 EU countries prepare to implement a financial transaction tax on banks, the TUC warns that the UK's refusal to join them risks isolating Britain from the dialogue on financial policy in Europe

Unite calls for Leveson style inquiry into blacklisting