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No ifs, no buts, no public service cuts - Lambeth council protests

Across the country local people, unuions and socialists are protesting at meetings of their councils to challenge the cuts to services resulting from the coalition's draconian budget reductions. The link above is to a video of the lobby of Lambeth Council on February 23rd.

Barclays is target of UK Uncuts "bail-ins" as they pay only 2.4% (or less) tax on profits

Today saw 35 branches of Barclays Bank around the country become the target of protestors who feel that they should be paying a far greater share of the cost of the recovery from a recession for which banks must take a very large share of the blame. Banks were turned into libraries, child care centres, youth centres and other services that are being cut as a result of the coalitions decision to fund the bail out of the finance sector by slashing public services.

Companies are normally required to pay 28% of their profits as corporation tax, though the coalition is amazingly lowering this tax to 24% whilst average people are expected to fund the hole in the treasuries coffers. Barclays has manged to avoid paying over 90% of their corporation tax through a combination of passing its funds through offshore accounts in tha Cayman Islands, Jersy etc. and setting its losses from 2008 against this years profits - something that it will be allowed to do for several years to come.

Channel 4 video of the Barclays Bank protests

Guardian comments on the scale of tax avoidance

Next Saturday's bail-ins (February 26th) are scheduled for the following places (though more may be added) -

Birmingham Leeds London Manchester Middlesbrough Tunbridge Wells


19th February 2011

Anti Cuts protestors demonstrate outside Uxbridge Civic Centre

This evening around 250 demonstrators including over 100 children gathered outside Uxbridge Civic Centre to protest at a series of vicious cuts being implemented by Ray Puddifoot's Tory council. The children were their especially to challenge the council's decision to close the Hillingdon Music Service, which provides tuition in music for youngsters. Others were there to contest the decisions to close or reduce a range of services, including Jobcentre Plus's Connexions service, which helps get the unemployed back to work.




For anyone who wants to get involved in the Hillingdon Against the Cuts (HAC) campaign, their website is at hillingdonagainstcuts.wordpress.com/

17th February 2011

TUC calls for volunteers to be stewards on March 26th

The TUC is calling for union members to register as stewards on its day of action on Saturday March 26th. There are two types of role that are required - travel stewards and route stewards. Travel stewards are needed to make sure that groups reach their destination and get back home again, while route stewards are needed to keep the march on track and answer questions. Stewards will not be expected to deal with trouble makers. 

Anyone interested should follow the link below


15th February 2011