Letter to Skyport on closure

To all Contributors at Skyport

At the Unite sponsored Heathrow Liaison Committee (HLC) we are writing today to express our disappointment and sadness that as of Friday Skyport will be no more. You will leave an important gap behind and with your ability to inform rapidly major stories taking place across the airport, workers at Heathrow without doubt are set to lose a lot.

We would like to thank Skyport for the backing you have given to the HLC and Unite in highlighting injustices to working people which regretfully continue to take place as the consequences of this shambolic economic crisis unravel. Current victims of this crisis we are sad to report are 305 aviation workers at Turkish Airlines sacked under draconian new laws in Turkey banning strikes in the Aviation sector. What happens to a Turkish Airlines worker may not be relevant to a Heathrow worker but the implication of such laws banning industrial action are something we should be very fearful of as someone somewhere will be watching for their impact.

Fighting for our Unite Membership remains our objective and ground-level Trade-Unionism will continue under the banner of the HLC with a special re-launch meeting taking place on Thurs 13 Sep, 9.30am at Unite's Bath Road office.

Good luck to all concerned at Skyport and again thanks for all the support you gave to us and hope you are re-born soon in another guise.

The Heathrow Liaison Committee

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