Heathrow Liaison Committee at the Anti-Cuts March on the 26th of March 2011

About the HLC

Welcome to the web site of the Heathrow Liaison Committee (Unite the Union)

Welcome to our new web site. It's not been up and running long, so please come back regularly, as there's lot's more to go in and some sections are still under construction. Here you will be able to find news, advice and information about Employment Law, Health and Safety, joining a trade union, recruiting, bargaining, organising, educating and dealing with discrimination in the largest workplace in Europe - Heathrow Airport.

We hope that you find this site useful, but to really make it a success, we need you - the Heathrow workers to let us know what is going on in your areas. Send us your stories and your photos about working conditions, unethical management practices, education, union events etc. Do remember that Heathrow is covered by legislation preventing photography by staff in many areas for reasons of security and to prevent breaches of our borders. We will assume that contributors would prefer to remain anonymous unless stated otherwise.

We can't promise to publish everything you send, but we will try to give workers from all over Heathrow a chance to have their voice heard - no matter how big or small their company or bargaining unit. Please keep the photos and e-mails coming in to hlc.lhr@gmail.com We will try and keep you up to date on our news page and our tweets can be found at twitter@hlcheathrow

Who are the HLC?

The HLC are a group of Unite trade unionists who work at Heathrow Airport or whose work is closely connected with Heathrow. Most of us are shop stewards, health and safety reps or union learning reps, but if you're an active Unite lay member who is prepared to put in a bit of time and effort towards recruiting, organising or improving safe and secure working conditions at Heathrow - then please get in touch.

What do the HLC do?

We work with other trade union groups in the UK, Europe and internationally to share information and lobby about common concerns in the Civil Aviation industry. We encourage various groups of trade union members to support each other - whether by sharing contacts, experience, running petitions, phone arounds or by giving whatever assistance groups or individuals are able to offer. We also work with local MPs to address issues that affect their constituents working at and around Heathrow.

What are the founding principles of the HLC?

Our objectives include -

  • A safer and healthier working environment
  • Improved job security
  • Improved wages, terms and conditions
  • A better educated workforce
  • An airport that is free from all forms of discrimination

We publish a newsletter 6 times a year (plus the odd "special" if something urgent comes up). We also aim to increase trade union membership at Heathrow to as close to 100% as possible.

Workers Memorial Day 2008, where a young woman was tragically killed a year earlier