Pack Less
An international turnout at Terminal 3 for Pack Less

Pack Less

The HLC and its Unite sister group, the Gatwick Liaison Committee have been driving forces in the Pack Less campaign.

Pack Less, or as it was formerly known, Lighten the Load is a campaign to reduce the weight of passenger baggage, which is known to be responsible for an unacceptable number of strain injuries to workers in Civil Aviation - five times that of other occupations. We seek legislation that immediately limits bags to the current IATA guideline of 23 kilos maximum, followed by further reductions until manual handling injuries in our industry are in line with, or better than other occupations. This campaign is supported by the European Transport Workers Federation and the International Transport Workers Federation.

The HLC has in turn been supported on this Campaign by trade union solicitors O. H. Parsons, and local Labour MPs John McDonnell, Fiona Mactaggart and Alan Keen as well as former Cabinet Minister Ann Keen.

Pack Less had an international day of action across Europe, but the main event was at Heathrow's Terminal 3. Local MP Alan Keen joined with the HLC, other Unite members and European trade unionists (plus one all the way from Brazil) to get our message out. Sadly the Health and Safety  Executive, who had accepted our invitation decided that they had more important things to do on the day.

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Summary of ETF position statement on manual handling injuries from moving passenger baggage